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Event Chibis?

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48 minutes ago, DomiDarko said:

Fishing for Coelacanths with hears above their name... Pretty stupid in my opinion. Haven't found one in 4 hours right now...

Last night I found 2 (Moschops and Daeodon) and 2 candies in half an hour, but yes, is something boring and isn't worth the time that we spend.

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I wish the fish were more ready to bite, I spent like an hour last night fishing and only got 2 fish, only one of which was an event fish. I did get a chocolate and 2 candies and a chibi but still, it seems impossible because every time I set down a chair the fish move away.

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Didin found  any instruction what to do on forum, on patch notes, on google, on YouTube and on wiki.

I as need to farm meat for dinos i try to hunt  a lot fish because spoil rate is lower than raw eat at least seem to me.

Killed  those with pink or red  heart many hundreds with giga, also on night it glow  so easier to see where is fish.

I tried to jump in water and only interaction with dead fish is option to drag body.

I dragged it out and waited til it decomposes - is long if you need to survive other dinos attack.

Then i i jumped in water  close to one live fish but no any interaction offered/

Then killed it with pike and dragged it out and continued with pike to get loot - just only fish meat

I asked i chat what to do and got extremely helpful answer - google it.

This is third event i live in game and all tre are disaster.

First turkey event i lost boss rex when i was offline during many patches.

Second for Santa raptor anyone had occasion to learn to hate others.

And this one  is good for raising babies but being able to cook clothes remains only  dream 

Btw i did put to mate all my dodo, few rexes, few vulture, four argentavis and such and i got 1 chocolate from dodo.

I repeated with dodos but no further success. And stopped and gave fertilized eggs to other dinos to eat.


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Finally i found info on internet what need to do.

So learned fishing rod engram, chair engram, almost died when collecting honey.

Crafted rood but there is no UI interface as was shown on WC pic found on internet.

Instead that is very intuitive - you must intuit and find out what to do.

Maybe UI open once you sit on chair so let craft chair and place it as is shown on pic.

No way, you are to close to enemy foundation.

So maybe to learn raft engram tooo and try?

Sure you relay need raft on  Scorched Earth as map is full of water.

Next you need army of big ass tamed dinos to keep you alive during fishing.

Next  once placed chair on raft and sit down you realize that you cant  aim wit rod in direction where fish is because chair don't let you to turn.

Next fishes are far from bait and need a lot of time that they decide to eat bait but on this part I'm used on it.

Like waiting, postponed, waiting, postponed, all normal lol genesis..

And then finally happened and surprised me. Few sec on screen display press C.

Before i have read on screen message and ready to press C new message was displayed - press A.

And bait was eaten and fish gone.

So in total is not worth so much work for event clothes, can live without them too.

And chibi i have from Santa Raptor event which keep resetting level and xp until now.

Maybe they fixed that with last patch, anyway you cant  have HLNA on if you farm chibi xp.

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