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Community Crunch 217: Love Evolved

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OMFG the Love Evolved looks great! can't wait for tomorrow!

Yes thank you please fix this it’s a huge L for Xbox to be this broken

The event is not being extended unfortunately. It's all steam ahead for Genesis next week.

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4 minutes ago, Xxtheclashxx said:

No 2 or 3x.



Im waiting for a maturation event to happen before I come back to official. I guess I'm waiting again. 

The event includes 3x maturation, 3x incubation, 0.33x mating interval, 2x XP, 2x taming, 2x harvesting...

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1 minute ago, Amarilla said:

Or ar least it would if we could get on

Officials are back online. If you cannot see them, then make sure your client is up-to-date. This was a major version update, so you won't find servers if your client is outdated.

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