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LF Tribe

Hello my name is Damien, I haven't played Ark in about 8 or so months but with work and college calming down recently I thought about giving it another go. My wife made me first play the game 2 years ago and since it has always been off and on gameplay 3 months at a time. I played with Bastion on officialpvp server 212 and helped them with EE raids for a few months. Nearly all of this was on Ragnarok map, they had an abberation server I would visit every now and then to help transfer metal and tame reapers. The players became less active and so did we. When we started again, me and my wife, we played with an aquintance of ours during that time on classicpvp ragnarok and was one of the last tribes to survive post merge of clusters. One of my weaknesses as a player is I don't have much experience with water tames or caves and the new maps I am almost clueless about. Some pros of myself, I am constantly red drop hunting desert biomes and taming rock ele's with metal that I personally acquired, I was also the main Wyvern egg hunter and raiser for Bastion and the classicpvp tribe I was a part of. The most I raised on official at once and all got 90-100 percent imprint was at least 20 wyverns in one go.  discord: damienriven#5732


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