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pvp Ps4-No Pay To Win DraconiaPvPCluster

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Ps4-No Pay To Win DraconiaPvPCluster

DraconiaPvPCluster Is a New cluster. Started with import maps so there is preloaded bases with loot and turrets. Currently we have 2 maps Ragnarok, and Extinction. Element is craftable in the replicator for 1000 wood. 10x Harvest 25x taming 200x mature. Chibi in every drop. Tek in red drops. DIscord, players vote for setting changes, new rules and, updates to cluster. Admin shop currency is Element. Some extinction and abb dinos spawn on Ragnarok and icthyornis and pegomastax have been removed. Cheap ammo and cementing paste. All drops are modded. Stacking is modded as well. 1 Starter Dino of your choice at level 750 choose carefully you only get 1!! White flag protection for 3 days upon request when starting or after being wiped. No admin Abuse or Pay to win!!!!!!!! To join the server look up DraconiaPvPCluster.The  Discord invite code is: kgxBXEB. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment here, at the official email: draconiaPvP@gmail.com or On the Discord, message Mayhem the owner, Or get ahold of venom the dc moderator on discord.

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