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pvp VanillArk PvP - Rare Sightings - x20 - Events - Beacon

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VanillArk PvP - Rare Sightings - x20 - Events - Beacon

Hey welcome to the new VanillArk server which is trying a different approach. That of the very first modded ARK server without shop and kit and blablabla. Please feel free to tell us your feedback on the discord : https://discord.gg/PUFETns


Harvest : x20
Taming/Breeding : x10
Max wild dinos level : 150
Max player level : 115
Max per tribe : 4
No alliance
XP : x20
Kill XP : x25
Harvest XP : x10
Craft XP : x10

XP your character take longer!


Activate after 30 min
Max of 2 per tribe
Dinos & structure take half the damage
Turrets damage x5



1. Structures Plus

2. Auto Engrams!

No screen spam

3. Reusable Plus

4. Bitou2k's Binocular

Wild/Tamed Dino Level Points: Toggle Weapon Attachment (Default is 'N' Key)
Night Vision: Melee/Pistol Whip (Default is 'Left Ctrl' Key)
Radar ESP: Reload (Default is 'R' Key)

5. HG Stacking Mod 1000-50

6. HG Pick Up Gun

7. Offline Guard System

8. DinoTracker

9. Dino Colourizer! 

10. Valguero Dino and Map Extension

11. Automated Ark

12. Wooden Hanging Bridge

13. Bore Water Kit

14. Rare Sightings





Thanks !

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