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Please help

Right I'm really getting frustrated by this game. Apart from level 100+ farming us nightly, I've now got less than 24 hours before my structures decay. I laid a new base after the Russian bears destroyed mine with a 303 mech last night. Only thatch as it was late and I had work today. Also caught a few dinos while doing my construction, forge, smithy etc. The surprise I had when I log on to read my thatch floor has been decay destroyed. Less than 20 hours after I laid it all. Nothing about the rest. My dinos have gone except one. No explanation in my tribe log except about my thatch floor being auto decay destroyed at 20:16:25 and my tribe member dxrp being killed by tylo beto level 95 at 21:05:46. Anyone know what's happened please. I'm close to just calling it a day and finding a new game to play

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5 minutes ago, wak3ful said:

Really, that your help, I play with my boy and his friends, I'm not complaining about the farming, part of the game but I was looking for some clarification on what hapoened

Lone structures (such as unsnapped foundations) are decaying after 12 hours. You can find more info in the announcement that was made at the time of this change:


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