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pvp Xbox RP Nitrado Server (No fliers, prim+, professions, quests, custom rates)

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Xbox RP Nitrado Server (No fliers, prim+, professions, quests, custom rates)

Xbox RP Nitrado Server (No fliers, barebones, prim plus, professions, quests)

New Server Called  Court Of Axes. The server is ran through discord (kFXsS9n) and is partial roleplay and light pvp. It is a highly specialized server that has been tuned and designed to create a unique ark server. There are several professions to play as aswell as quests, wars, boss fights, currency, no fliers, unique cave runs and more. The server is ran on ragnarok map and has spawning on it Aberration and Extinction creatures with more being added as they are released. Settings and rates are custom and very barebones decent to low taming rates, slightly boosted breeding, player stats slightly boosted, wild dino stats slightly boosted, tamed dino stats boosted, pvp combat dmg lowered, player vs structure dmg fairly lowered. It is a xbox server but can be played crossplatform via pc. 

 Check out our discord for more info. https://discord.gg/kFXsS9n

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