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Argentavis Disappeared After Kicked From EU PvP Ragnarok Server 222:


About a week ago, I was playing on EU Xbox Official Dedicated Server 222, Ragnarok, PvP. Upon spawn, I drove my boat from its resting coordinates at sea, then retrieved a cryo'd Argentavis from the Ark Data part of the Blue Obelisk, which I had uploaded the previous night. 


I was flying the Argentavis in the area, for about two minutes before I was booted from the server. 


When I respawned, it was as if I had never spawned the first time. I woke with my ship back in positiion, my character on the same position in ship, with same materials. My Argentavis was nowhere to be found. I figured the server did some sort of reset and it would be back in the Blue Obelisk.


I drove over and checked Ark Data. Nothing in there. Checked the surrounding area. No Argentavis in site. My buddy, who was flying one but never uploaded it, got his back. This is devastating, I worked hard for that argie and for it to be taken away by some random server issue is heartbreaking.


Any help appreciated, I will give as much info as I can. Argie was named Benji's Gift of Flight, level around 192 I think, My Xbox Gamertag is God Number 3. My character'a name is Sonya. I still play on the server. Please help. Thank you.


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this is ps4 forum u need to post this is the xbox forum also i may point out if the server rolled back anything downloaded does dissapear iv had it happen nobody can do anything rollbacks usally accur up to 5 minutes at a time on a restart / reset anything not in the server for 5 minutes or more will dissapear becouse it did not exist before the rollback happened the 'ob' is another server in reality which just holds files to be downloaded into the server of ur choice it wont somehow reappear there  thats just how it works man im sorry for your loss nobody in these forums can offer to replace it it can put a ticket in for it along with proofs 

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