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How have you been "ARK'ed" lately?

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Official pve became password-protected unofficial pvp. Couldn't play the whole day, because time difference is huge and they come to work when it's already evening here.

2 things annoy me about this: I lost a day of event rates, the whole things started yesterday(according to battlemetrics) while devs were still at work.

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Left a ravager in a roo pouch when I logged off. Came back and the tribe log just said it had died, no explanation. 3 argies and 1 giga still raising on the same trough system.

Same as above, my other server was taken over by Chinese hackers for a full day yesterday, password protecting it. Doesn't seem like WC actually fixed the problem, more like the hackers finished what they were doing and let us back in. 

Clipped into a hostile Chinese tribe's base during a lag storm, had to ditch everything into my pelagornis and suicide. WC's earlliest appointment to get it back was over 2 weeks away from when I submitted a ticket.


And this is all just from the 11th.

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On 2/8/2020 at 2:45 AM, Lazareth said:

My wife and I have been breeding up some new boss spinos with a lot of new colours and combinations (all mutations) coming through over the past few days. Last batch finished maturing, brought them out into the yard with their siblings and parents and log off for the night.

The next day four of our specifically bred spinos and one low level event to bring down their stats have all disappeared without a trace. Nothing on the tribe log, no tames at 50, 50. Just gone, for no reason whatsoever. A lot of colours and the event tame can't be replaced.

Elaborately fenced in yard on PvE Valguero. auto clicker

A couple of days prior got a bogus positive in AB for against cross section and lost a stone drake I've had since the initial barely any long stretches of AB opening just as a 150 pre subdued Shinehorn that I had quite recently restrained.

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This one was about fifty my fault and arks fault. So I spend about 5 min kitting dangerous wild dinos away from a tame, including a 130 wild chicken (therizinosaur). And then go back to base and get an owl and a theri of my own (lvl 300). Unpod the owl and put my chicken in my hot bar, fly back, unpod my chicken, ? turns out it only took me two min to get from unpodding the owl to unpodding the chicken, so now I've got a cryosick chicken to defend aswell as my tame. No sweat, my owl is baller, and I had a nice argy there too. But then I got arked. The wild 130 chicken that should be far far away suddenly appears out of thin air on one side of my unconscious one, and on the other side a 150 freaking raptor appears outa the bushes. They killed my chick in like 2 seconds after unpodding it. 

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Started fresh on The Center. Spawn on the southern tropical island.


Get mauled by an alpha raptor right after. I respawn and find out that there was actually five alpha raptors on the same side of the island. And this was all on the first day.


I had to rush to get a crossbow so I could kill them while they were separated. Two of them grouped up and now there's a duo of alpha boosted, mate boosted alpha raptors going around killing everything.

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