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pvp *BRAND NEW*TWN Cluster / 15x / 10man and 3man /*LOTS OF ADMIN ADVENTS* /GEN. MAP

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*BRAND NEW* TWN Cluster 15x / Insta Tame/ Custom Drops (Xbox)

Hey everyone we have wiped recently on our cluster and we are looking for more survivors to join.

We have 10man maps and 3man maps. We have 9 maps total.

It is called TWN (The Wyvern Nest)

Server rates are 15x, Insta Tame, Custom Drops, insta level 251 (you can ascend after that)

We have upped the resistances on gigas, wyverns, reapers and griffins. #makegigasgreatagain

2 admins that do not play we strictly run admin events see that the server is doing well and everyone is happy for the most part.

We have raid bases ready, we do admin events like golem/ferox dodge ball, fighting arenas, and drop parties.  We have a lot more event ideas planned. You will have to join to see.

It just wiped so there are still good spots to build 😉

Please Join the Discord for more information and everything you need to know about the cluster:


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