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New Official Cluster

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I competently agree with mrflak, I really hope a new set of servers gets opened up too ( Similar to conquest or a decent server rate like x3-x5). How will we enjoy genesis with mega tribes instantly wiping us with their God Flak and Duped Gigas with 100's of % of melee damage? This is defiantly concerning for the people who will be forced to go to PvP official since legacy will be removed, and conquest now gone. 

I couldn't see classic working out to well in Genesis, if it did at that point it's purpose would be defeated. If a new cluster does not open up, I will probably build up on a offline protection server. I'd recommend you do the same - However I really hope we get to see something like Conquest/Small tribes mixed together. 

I'm really excited for this new expansion pack, I know everyone else is too. Regardless i'll still be playing if they don't release a new cluster, I just won't be waiting to be wiped on official and I won't be in a mega tribe and have everything handed to me, I like to work for my stuff. mrflak to answer your question I have not heard anything. I hope we do.



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