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ARK LIFE x10 SmallTribes

💥💥💥ARK LIFE x10 SmallTribes💥💥💥

                     Start on momentary
                   ‼NoWipe Cluster‼
                  AND GROWN IN PEACE
‼untill your server enter in main cluster‼

If you are a new tribe, or you are an old tribe of ARK LIFE that has been raided, you can restart from a temporary NoWipe x15 servers (have undestructible structures for 1/2 months) and take advantage of the special offer for the starter pack at the symbolic price of 10pp.
We currently have 20 servers. 16 united in a Main cluster and 3 NoWipe servers united in a other cluster.  
Every month new NoWipe servers are opened to give the chance to new tribes to grow in peace, and after two months the NoWipe x15 servers enter in main cluster.


💥💥💥ARK LIFE x10 SmallTribes 💥💥💥

is a very big project for which we have invested nearly 20,000$.

For the moment we have 20 Nitrado servers cluster connected to each other but we will open others soon as there will be more players.

It's all the same as the officials but with x10 on exp, farm, breeding, taming and max 7 peoples in tribe.
And there are many advantages over the official and other clusters:
‼NO DUPE! Duplicating is impossible! Every day we check all the server logs of a random server and duplication is visible. Immediate ban!
‼NO MESH! We have a definitive anti mesh system!!! 
On ark life you don't risk losing everything with mesh attacks.
‼NO ADMIN ABUSE! Admins don't play and all they are over 30 years of age. No admin abuse and in case of doubt we show the Nitrado log server. 
‼NO TIME LOST: We have already have paid an annual subscription to Nitrado for our servers.  So you don't risk wasting your time on servers that close after a few months. 
‼NO MAFIA TRIBE: You don't need the permission of the megatribe to build, because every month some servers x15 with undestructible structures is opened where the new tribes can grow in peace until the servers enter in the main cluster;
‼ACTIVE GM: The GM intervenes immediately to solve mesh problems and more;  
‼EVENTS: Events are organized in the EVENTS server and the winners get prizes in real money or in game;
‼NO LAG! We have the most powerful nitrado servers. All 70 slots with stack mode.

-x10 farm, breed, exp, taming;  
-x10 elements loot from Boss fight;
-Max 7 peoples in tribe;
-No alliances; 
-If a tribe starts an raid, it is forbidden for another tribe to participate in the raid;
-Character weight base: 100 (same official)
-Dinos weight x4;  
-Tek engrams unlocked;  
-Turretts limit 300;
-No Titans;
-No season wipes.



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