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Update Concerning PC Servers Valguero 574-576

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Update Concerning PC Servers Valguero 574-576

We have some unfortunate news to share with survivors on Valguero 574, 575, 576. Recently, an incorrect build was deployed on the machine housing these servers. Because of this, we must roll back the server to 1/27 5:30PST.  

If you've lost a character on one of these servers, you have a limited opportunity to recover your character from a temporary recovery server.  We've located 3 recent saves belonging to the servers on the machine that we will temporarily host so that you may transfer your character out.  No transfer ins will be permitted. Transfer outs will only be enabled for characters.

Server Names

  • Temp574
  • Temp575
  • Temp576

These servers will be only be open until 1/28 8PST

While this method isn't feasible or possible in all scenarios of lost characters and rollbacks, we are continually looking for methods to enhance the process when it occurs. 

We apologize for this inconvenience

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