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No XP for the baby Reaper King

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No XP for the baby Reaper King


I play on a non-office serve. But i have heard form friends of mine who play on an office Server that it is th same.

The point is that if you a Reaper King in your belly, you don´t get EXP for him, whether you kill dinos with a dino or on foot, even killing the Reaper Queen didn´t give you EXP.

I hope this bug is already known and you are about to fix it.


best regards


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43 minutes ago, Nashiq said:

same issue here.  probably the same issue as chibi's don't level if you're riding a max level dino

Was fixed yesterday:

On 11/30/2018 at 12:02 AM, StudioWildcard said:

Current Server Version: v304.458 - 2/6/20

  • Fixed an issue that prevented dinos, chibis, and tribe members from getting XP if you were max level

Make sure your servers are up-to-date.

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2 hours ago, Xiphactnis said:

Can you confirm that it works now? 

I haven't tested, but I trust they did. However, if you are playing single-player or non-dedicated, then it won't be fixed because that fix was just pushed server-side and won't be for those two until a client patch is pushed.

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