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fresh pvp ark server (PS4) read discription! Thanks!

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It has Ended is the ark server name: (PS4)

Map: Rag! With tek drops! Instant tame! Instant raising fast to build up! 50x harvesting! Couple of extinction dinos been added!
Easy tek in drop now!!!!  

 Just made a fresh PvP server 20 slots at the moment! ! Still messing around with settings, I’ve also made a discord! For the server - https://discord.gg/wVBKDfk I’m willing to listen to others ideas for the settings to! Hopefully build a good friendly community come join

there will be no admin abuse! Only 1 admin. But prof of people cheating and such will get warnings! Then lead to a ban! 

my psn: FaT3L_Chumzz

maybe looking at making another server so we can have two!  Clustered together! 

Edited by Fleashift94
Started the server!

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