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Few questions from returning player

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Hello fellow survivors,

Reinstalled ARK after some time, I hoped to see some changes on Xbox One.

Playing SP, can't find answers no matter what I Google, a few questions please.

Is there any way to?

1. Increase difficulty past 1?

2. Increase dino respawn?

3. Decrease whatever makes dinos scatter when I place a foundation? It's like dino repellent which makes the game too easy.

Thanks in advance!



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You can't override official difficulty or change dino spawns on Xbox like you can on PC, since you don't have access to the game files. You can change this stuff amongst other settings if you have either a Windows 10 or nitrado server. I'm very anti-nitrado though since they refuse to give Xbox users access to their server files. Don't want to pay their prices while you're taking a break from ark? Say bye to your progress...

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