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pvp [PC] Talon Gaming Cluster 20x S+/ORP/Shop/Kits

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Server Info

Main Server Map: Ragnarok
Cluster Server Maps: Island, Valguero, Aberration, Extinction & Genesis

Steam & Discord Link

Ragnarok: steam://connect/
The Island: steam://connect/
Valguero: steam://connect/
Genesis: steam://connect/
Aberration: steam://connect/
Extinction: steam://connect/
Discord: https://discord.gg/EgxtxBD


Experience Rate: 20x
Harvesting Rate: 20x
Taming Rate: 20x

** Note: Optimized Harvesting is enabled for server optimization purposes.

Player Stats

Health: 1.2
Stamina: 1.2
Torpidity: 1.0
Oxygen: 1.5
Food: 1.5
Water: 1.5
Temperature: 1.0
Weight: 15.0
Melee Damage: 1.2
Speed: 1.1
Temperature Fortitude: 1.5
Crafting Speed: 0.8

Tamed Dino Stats

Health: 0.2
Stamina: 1.2
Torpidity: 1
Oxygen: 1.2
Food: 1.2
Weight: 15.0
Damage: 0.17
Speed: 1.2

Other Configurations

Max Player Level: 150 with Chibi
Max Wild Level: 150
Max Levels After Tame: 100

Max Players in Tribe: 10
Max Bases per Tribe: 2 per map
Max Bases per Tribe: 3 across cluster
Max Tamed Dinos per Tribe: 300
Max TPs per Tribe: 10

Max Turrets per Tribe: 200
Max ORP per Tribe: 2

Breeding Multipliers

Mating Interval: 0.2
Egg Hatch Speed: 20.0
Baby Mature Speed: 20.0
Baby Cuddle Interval: 0.1
Baby Food Consumption Speed: 1.0

Mods Installed

Super Structures (S+)
HG Stacking Mod 5000
Automated Ark
Awesome Teleporters
Awesome Spyglass
Najs Speedy Flyers
HG Pickup Gun
Offline Guard System
Death Helper
Editable Server UI
Advanced Engram Unlocker
Valguero Dino and Map Expansion

Offline Raid Protection / ORP

Activation period: 30 mins
Activation Extension With Ally Inside: 30 mins
Max Range per ORP: 45
Structures in range HP: x10
Dinos Damage Reduction: x10
Turrets Damage: x3

Edited by Raptross
2 More Maps Added

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