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pvp [PC][Hardcore][1x][AllMaps][Vanilla][NoWipe] caoticagem project [Google Cloud]

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Welcome to caoticagem project - a PvP hardcore community cluster containing all maps of ARK: Survival Evolved.


What if your character had only one life? How far would you go?

If you think that ARK is a game that is meant to be played in hardcore mode (permadeath), you are not alone. Join us!

A harder but much more rewarding way to play. You have one life and so does everyone else. Plan your actions properly before trying anything.

With no mods, we offer you the vanilla experience, with no shortcuts or easy routes. Zero P2W. Also, rates are 1x. Yeah, ARK is a hard game and we feel that increased rates are a kind of cheat. We too have lives, marriages, jobs, kids but we still think that the game is meant to be 1x. This is a permanent aspect.

While we enjoy to play on hardcore mode, it's no fun losing progress or dying due to bugs. To overcome this downside that occurs on official hardcore servers, if you send us a proof that you died because of a bug, we can rollback your character alive, as long as you contact us immediately. Free of charge. We have no shop, no P2W, no nothing. We do not accept donations either.

We recommend playing in a tribe (even if playing solo, press L to create a tribe). If you die without being a tribe member, you lose access to your buildings and tames once you spawn back. But if you died within a tribe and get invited back by any tribe mate, you keep everything. If you struggle finding someone to ally or want to play alone, we help putting you back in your former tribe - ask us. Just make sure you create a tribe even if you stick to solo. It's a legitimate mechanic. Admin Logs are enabled for the sake of transparency but we do not use admin commands except when bug fixing or dealing with server stuff.

We are hosted on Google Cloud Platform, online 24x7x365, and we do not wipe. Ever.

The Island -
The Center -
Scorched Earth -
Ragnarok -
Aberration -
Extinction -
Valguero -

Don't die.





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11 hours ago, DemonicRuins said:

Cluster is over 4500 days old?

You never played on a hardcore cluster before, did you? Give it a try. Feels like a fresh server because most people just die and give up.

Also, we do not wipe.

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