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after a week of testing, here are some updates.

Old issues prevail. Mechanics update request

I have left my paid servers to return to single player local, for cost and service reasons. I cleared my data on each map and destroywilddinos and experience the following issues, some issues new some old.

  1. Losing items and dinos in obi, when switching arks, fast travel. Sometimes obi is clear. Sometimes when I download dinos they never appear. If I pace myself, as if to give the machine time to process, I have less problems. But inevitably system will crash and sometimes it will roll back. After about 3 or more times. Even exiting in an out of game to test settings it crashes.
  2. Eggs aren't laying, maybe one or two in hours. Oviraptors don't do help. (New issue I think) I switched egg laying to 1 and it started to work.
  3. Can't get easy ice cave (Island) artifact to appear. No loot crates, no artifacts. It never really had loot crates throughout the time I played. Maybe once or twice early on. Going in and out of cave, waiting, etc, no effect. 
  4. Don't see gigas or titans even after clearing dinos (maybe new?) I saw a Titan today on island, first time. A wipe may have helped. But wipes do not result in gigas on island and rag. Issue with spino spawns on rag. 
  5. No torch bps or variants like on paid servers, ragnarok - Highlands 


  1. pawn rates locally are very different from private server. Dinos don't seem to respawn at the same rate. Map becomes pretty barren after I clear an area for food.
  2. No megalos in island strong? cave
  3. No megalos in the water cave where you can grapple to artifact.
  4. Center seems to overspawn cave creatures in certain part of map, making game slow down - I can't effectively get on /off dino. Rip frames. cave leads to the large underground area.

Some mechanics that I would like changed: (Wish list)

  1. Uploading characters, items in beacons and to travel between arks.
  2. Using yuty auto roar w/out single player settings
  3. I've only seen phoenix on paid servers, not local, is it working?
  4. More server setting options, like what is available on private servers. The servers seem more stable than local for some reason. 
  5. Add abberation stuff to valguero


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