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Anti-Mesh System False Positives

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We've made some updates based on your feedback.  Thank you!  We're continuing to make tweaks.

A reminder that as Cedric said, this is not a place to discus meshing. Please give detailed locations with co-ordinates if possible to areas you are getting false positives on the map.

I'm gutted. I don't expect support as I am a legacy player - we accept that no support will be provided as part of the bargain for continuing to play on this cluster. I don't however expect to lose va

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  • 2 weeks later...

So I secured my important cryopods, bps, gear and breadlines last night in upload on character and in Ark Data after being griefed all day yesterday and expected a full wipe when logged off, planning on setting up a vacuum chamber dump today on genesis. Trying to find a spot place it down and secure my loot, I hit an invisible mesh wall and my basi with all my stuff I had on character upload disappears to anti mesh and I die to anti mesh. Lost 80+ Cryos, Tek gen, vaccum chamber, transmitter bps, gear all to a false flag. Server was NA PvP Genone Freebuild no mission 710MmRzkAs.jpg

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I think this is the second time in about a week, using a ank with a skiff on genesis vulcanoe.

I think this is due to lag, all of a sudden the ank just vanishes from below the skiff.
This time we were just on the side fo the vulcanoe following a path.

These are good anks, this is really messing the game up.

If you can return them it would be appreciated. Please PM me so I can give you server no and details. I'm not putting them on public.


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Anti-meshing destroyed 'Asunyan - Lvl 106' at X=-112745.664 Y=-187259.297 Z=-6727.846!

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Ab 780 

I had a managarmer disappear in the antimesh at location in image. My other images are too big to upload and I'll be happy to email them. I opened a ticket and got referred here. I lost a lot of stuff from this and a week prior to it lost a ravenger just running around in green zone. I dont' have anything but a screen shot of tribe log for that one.  My shine horn is currently still sitting there in that spot as I couldn't get him out. I have a video of the incident that I can provide a url for as well. I lost a few vaults, indy forge, and a mastercraft saddle and my mana.


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Just now, Totempting said:

I lost everything during the New Years event due to a false positive for meshing.  I lost my mount, my gear, all the presents I looted and my rare chibi unicorn I had already gotten to lvl 4.

It occurred when I went to loot a present on a cliffside, after looting I slid down the cliff and died.. but instead of having a body to come back to, I recieved a meshing destroyed cache.  

Needless to say, I was more than a little ticked about this.  I have already had everything taken from me that I worked two years on alone when I stupidly joined a tribe.  The tribe master kicked everyone a few months later and let all my hard work on my personal base decay.. 

I came back after 4 months of taking a break only to have this happen as well.   I have already turned in a report on the incident with the meshing, but they came back and said I needed to come here and report it again.  


lost items.png

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Trying to tame a Venosaur and I was standing on top of the platform that separate the desert dome and the corrupted area, I died and lost all my stuff including a Stego very dear to me that was on a cryopod, can't upload image but coordinates are

X=193997.625 Y=105570.383 Z=-24450.1781

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Ticket number 1819585. Happened January 8th on the crystal isles map of crossark15 cluster official. Tribe is parabellum.  I fell into the red obb and was killed by anti-meshing program and couldn't recover my inventory. I had important stuff on me, and will definitely expect it back. I had a golem just tamed, tropical wyvern, argy, owl, 2 velonosaurs, 1 arthropluerab, etc all in cryopods. As well as alot of extraordinary kibble. My base is on the valguero server of that cluster (crossark15). The tribe called vault 17. I just lost a high lvl tuso by being glitch pinned to the floor by 2 alpha sharks. And I'm tired of wasting my time. Just to have my stuff dissapear. I could go on, but this should suffice. Thank you

** Since I made this ticket I again was antimesh killed on crossark15 extinction server near some tree/roots. Tribe is skykru. Lost my pteranadon and flak kit.



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Jan 4, 2021, 11:40 AM PST

He fell off a cliff and died when collecting Christmas gifts.I returned to the point of death, but I can't access my inventory.When I try to attack the corpse and collect the item bag, it does not come out.And tribe log sayed 「Anti-meshing destroyed item cache」.But i don't enter the meshe.

X58107.832 Y142457.516 Z36313.070


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