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[US] PVP Fox 15xTame, 10x Harvesting, 3.5x XP Small Tribes

[US] PVP Fox 15xTame, 10x Harvesting, 3.5x XP Small Tribes

[US] PVP Fox 15xTame, 10x Harvesting, 3.5x XP Small Tribes Ragnorok

     Fox is design for players that are not able to be on most of the day while still allowing the enjoyment and flexibility of having strong and heavily developed tribes. Small tribes are encouraged to join and experience the fast, fun, and efficient gameplay.  The server is set to have fast taming, yet still allowing the challenge that came with the games original intent, and the same this goes for the grind aspect so all structures and items will be a little easier. The Finnic tribe welcomes you and wishes the best of luck to each and every one who joins our community!

Some aspects of the server that I would like to highlight are; 

*Offline raid pertection

*15x tame

*10x harvesting

*3.5x all XP

*15x hatching and maturation


*Enhanced leveling for players from 1 to 2 for water, food, melee damage, and stamina. Also per level stat changes to 2.5 for health, 3 for crafting speed, and 3.5 for carry weight. 

*Enhanced leveling for dinos from 1 to 5 for all stats

*max level of 600 for both players and dinos

*max wild level dino spawn at 300

*10x stack sizes

*designed for ideal gameplay for solos, duos, and trios, but tribes are allowed 5 members max

*2 active admin for assistance at all times. Message me anytime through the xbox app and now Discord!

My gamertag is TheFoxxyKnoxy

Discord group: https://discord.gg/p2YnS9X

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