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I got Ark'd

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I got Ark'd

I got Ark'd

So I bred a badass bronto (it took about 20 breedings to finally get the one I wanted) to do the massive ice cave on Extinction.

I basically built a mobile fortress on its platform saddle with 20 turrets and everything I could think of that I'd need for the journey across Extinction to get to the cave. I took an Argy also so I could scout ahead through the wastelands for any corrupted gigas or wyverns so to avoid them.

Anyway after weeks of breeding and planning and building this thing, I was finally ready for the adventure. I set out from my base in the underground section of Extinction, slowly making my way up to the surface. Everything was going as planned, I reached the surface and started the long trek through the wastelands of the corrupted dinos. Occasionally I would stop and hop on the Argy to scout ahead. Everything looked safe enough to keep going. Finally I was nearing the cave opening, it was just around one more treacherous bend.... and then it happened!!!

A corrupted giga spawned right in front of me!!! It proceeded to chomp away at everything I'd built. The metal structures, turrets, generators, fabricator, smithy, refrigerator...etc began exploding all around me!!! My heart was racing.

Luckily, since I play singleplayer I was able to stop the madness. I cheated and did a dino wipe command and was able to save about a quarter of structures and was able to gather all the floating loot bags with all the bullets and gear. Then I cheated and flew the bronto back to my base to rebuild it all. I'll try it again in a couple days.

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