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Lost another Gacha Baby

I was minding my own Business feeding my new wolf babies when the server started to lag, I couldn't put food into them and as soon as the game came back to I found myself barreling into outer space, I fell under the mesh somehow and was falling fast, I live in the swamps and I know it's dangerous but damn this is a whole new level. After falling for a bit my game disconnects and I am in the main menu with a timeout error which persisted for a good 20minutes, all the while not knowing if my stuff would be there when I logged back in. I finally get into the server to find my character had died so I respawning and rush to my green beam which was luckily still there but upon reaching where the bag would be i discovered it wasn't showing on the floor so I figure okay it's under the floor, but much to my surprise (not) the game disconnects and I am forced back into he main menu, okay fine. I rejoin this time with no hassle only to find that the beam is gone, my lvl 2 megaloceros chin is gone, a few cryo pods and other poop yeah whatever okay but then I remember what happens to gachas when you aren't in render distance so I quickly pan over to my tribe log and sure enough... it starved. That poor baby would have put us on the map, she had obsidian, raw salt, and congealed gas. The Island is hard enough, especially here in the swamps, didn't realize I'd be having mesh issues aswell.


Long story short: I was feeding my babies, server pulled some bs, I lost my inventory, my chibi and my baby gacha. I am now very sad, but at least my puppies made it I guess..

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