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quality of life Transferable Dino Trophies


Transferable Dino Trophies

I think it’s time that Dino trophies were transferable. Some maps have better spawn rates for specific Dinos and it’s annoying sitting with no real use for hundreds of spino sails on aberration (for example) when I could be using them on the island for boss fights.

Element is already so accessible via extinction, so making it easier to do boss fights on other servers to get element is surely is a no brainer. 

It may also get people to play different maps as a way to gather the specific Dino trophies they need to start boss fights.

For me this would make a huge quality of life change, and encourage more people to do boss fights on maps that have started to become obsolete due to much easier ways to farm Element, due to how easy it is on extinction and how hard it is to farm certain Dino trophies on certain maps.

Hope you can take this into consideration. Thanks ?.

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