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linux client 304.4 bugs

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linux client 304.4 bugs

linux client version is at 304.4

linux server version is at 304.441

bug #1

I cannot place s+ items like foundations. glass etc even though the item i wish to place turns green when i attempt to place it at the desired location

i can interact with s+ items already in place


bug #2

i am unable to see the genesis explorer note devices ( for example the one near  237203.853 x , 211496.703 y,  31687.160 z on scorched earth)

both features work for another player using windows client 304.32 while visiting the same server.

this has occured on multiple maps
i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and all of the mods and verified the client installation files in steam. and these problems still occur.

i have filed a support ticket with wildcard on these issues.

has anyone else had similar problems?


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