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EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland345 Connection Issues


since yesterday the Server 345 has massive problems with the connection. I tryed one hour to connect to the server (Connection Timeout) and a 100% imprint is not possible anymore.. Some player can connect some others not. If you are on the server, its possible that you will be kicked after a while (Connection Timeout). Today a member had to enter a server password.

Something went really wrong with this server. 

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This issue is happening elsewhere also... It all started last Thursday, our server crashed and trying to get back in was a connection timeout issue. I was in a 5 party chat with players in Europe and The U.S. and all of us crashed about the same time and were not able to get back on. the Maps were Aberration and Extinction. Then Saturday it happened again,  "Connection Timeout" for about 20 minutes and just now (Sunday) for the past hour.  C'mon WC !!!    This is on your end 

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