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A few things to make ark just a bit better for single player.



A few things to make ark just a bit better for single player.

I play ark on both PS4 and PC, and I see some of the same problems mostly being fixed by mods so i want to address them here and maybe this will get enough votes.

{This is my personal opinion, and it would mostly be for single player}

First off, make procedural Arks better. It sucks when half of the time you make one it crashes the game. make to so we can only go above a certain number such as for the water level so we just don't have water. And make it so there would be a way to enable different animal types and world types (Extinction, scorched earth, etc...) It would be really cool to here we could tame things like managarmrs and Wyverns without having to spawn them in. Also make it so we can get the ability to spawn bosses in too, that would make an actual goal in the procedural arks.

Second, I don't know what gameserver.ini is and I'm assuming that it is more advanced settings such as what things spawn where and where you can spawn etc. I think it would be nice of there was a simplified version of that to make the game more fun. It would be funny if me and my friends were playing on the island and they just saw a bunch of aberrant paracers and mammoths together.


Thirdly, make more changable settings in the single player menu, such as stacks, crafting speed, AND THE ABILITY TO MAKE IT SO YOU CAN LEVEL FLYER SPEED. I know it was an exploit to make your flyers fly faster than the speed of sound. But it would be nice if we could change that in single player. This would kind of go with the second request because it would mean changing the values in the game files.


Fourth, Make it so we can spawn in ALL event creatures and items, such as the zomdodo and the dodowyvern. It would make if nice and more fun if you could have multiple event creatures without having numerous months on one ark. I don't mean it so they naturally spawn in either, I mean the player/admin spawning them in.

fifth, make it so you can change level caps and items inside of drops for yourself. I see this in modded servers ALL THE TIME where you would go to a white drop and get a crap-ton of ammo, rifles, kibble and such. It would be a pleasure if you could change this in single player, especially for the other players that play non-dedicated.FINALLY, make dedicated servers and non-dedicated servers better. I know this would eliminate a lot of income for things like nitrado, but It would be nice if you could at least make a private ark (non- dedicated) that can hold up to 8 people and can actually have the entire map available to people without them being dragged all over the place. I know that it would make the game a little more laggy, but we should at least be able the toggle it, like on PC. And make it so we can have public sessions without having to have another console on constantly with at least 20 people allowed on at once. And make it like usual with the whitelists and blacklists.



I know this was heavily single player based, but this was my honest opinion and I wish these things would come into play to make ark even better than it already is!





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