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pvp AXEHOLE'S RAG Clean PVP New Server!!

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Unofficial servers. 

I started a CLEAN PVP server,  Meaning,   No killing tames in progress,  no killing babies,  passive pets,   No wiping or complete destruction of pets, tribes, players properties, bases  etc. 

Pvp events,   pvp vs  admin events,   Prizes and  other events that Gift bps, pets,  weapons items etc.

Boosted mating, hatching, boosted maturation / taming   slightly boosted xp and player stats,   boosted dino dmg, boosted dino resists,

Stacking MOds, and spyglass.

Server increase in difficult= X10 official srvers,  animal lvls very high, max 370 wild, 


Hi level dinos, shortenend nights, longer days,  dino stats slightly increase,  Player stam , Oxygen increased,   Stats like crafting and weight modified.

Server is meant to be challenging to survive,  You will pay for your mistakes and DIe ;)    meant to bring back some of the thrill of ark in taming, breeding babies  etc.  be afraid when you go outside and walk around.   Take time to build up.,  achieve the base of your dreams  and still enjoy  same events as avail on Official servers  as well as some HUGE base raids,  and Pvp  event  Vs Admin.   Slightly enhanced drops and loot crates,  Offline raid protected bases.

No server wipes!

No Tek, or imports from other servers at this point,  May add a cluster later on  to add other maps.

Start fresh, challenge yourself to survive,  work to build up your base / Tribe.  and reap the rewards of Higher tamed dino levels with more powerful pets.  better loot and drops.  and  community of Respectful players around you,  that play and feel the same ways you do :)

I like to help,  interact, and socialize while i play  looking for a few Respectful, Peaceful, friendly players of the same mindset as i am tojoin up


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ORP has been removed,

Some other adjustments, XP lowered, except at low levels (1-25) which levels up very quickly.

Some Engrams have been switched to be available at lower levels.
Some harvestable items have been boosted,  
Stacking Mod was added.
SuperSpyglass +  has been added.


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