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It would be more interresting to see how many of the hours i have i have actually moved in the game. Because i feel much of it was just waiting for tames to finish or eggs to dropp ....

wel ivve got more than 3000 hours on ark for the moment spread over 3 servers ;-)

4 Hours I heard that @Rippy has over 1500 (Still considered a noob according to @Martyn)

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FRM17 must have super connection.

On start i normally died by starvation or because my water gauge went to 0.

Latter i increased fortitude, food and water stats and stil died being afk.

Later i was able to craft tek armor and still died if afk.

Only good know how many armors and other gear including chibis i have lost  by falling asleep.

Al in name of holy breeding lol.

In the end i was finally able to craft tek sleeping pod but still couldn't be long afk.

In last case look like that server seem to measure my ping or something  and kick me out.

9.9 k

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