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It would be more interresting to see how many of the hours i have i have actually moved in the game. Because i feel much of it was just waiting for tames to finish or eggs to dropp ....

wel ivve got more than 3000 hours on ark for the moment spread over 3 servers ;-)

4 Hours I heard that @Rippy has over 1500 (Still considered a noob according to @Martyn)

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6 hours ago, ThePryBar said:

This is just about people claiming to have an outrageous number of hours on ark. To clarify for those who don't know if you work 40 hours a week 52 weeks in a year you have spent 2080 hours at work. Now if you claim something silly like 20000 hours since 2015 that's roughly 14 hours a day every day for four years straight, no days off just ark daily. 


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12 hours ago, Aushegun said:

Since early 2017, it is not uncommon for me to play 16+ hours per weekend, with another 10-15 hours during the week on average.  So.....  I easily have 3100 hours into this game .... but I bet it is actually closer to 4000.   Since I am on console, I know of no way to officially verify that however.

You insert ark disc, go to achievements on the left. Compare ark with a friend then scroll down to show days. There’s videos on YouTube how to do it. 

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6718 hours, but I didn't touch the game for about 2 weeks now and abandoned my own server 2 months ago. I don't feel it anymore. The caring for players by fixing/balancing came way too late and the new stuff (besides some gimmicks like gliders & cryopods) was just interesting in the first few days after the DLCs dropped. Another fact is that it's way too time-consuming for a single player. Last thing me and my friends had to do was beating the King Titan, but they also felt it was too much and left earlier than me.

Maybe I come back when all the fixing is done and some new realistic prehistoric creatures hopefully will be added instead of monsters and mutants.

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