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pve [AU][PC][PvE] Hyperion Cluster, Launched 30/12/19

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[AU][PC][PvE] Hyperion Cluster, Launched 30/12/19

Join the Discord for all the happenings of the server: https://discord.gg/cb8jzW6
Don't be afraid to jump in and chat with us 😁

Maps we offer on the cluster: (We will be adding two more servers to the cluster around about the start of March for Genesis Part 1 and a Mod Map known as The Chasm)
- The Island - Connection IP: Query IP:
- Scorched Earth - Connection IP: Query IP:
- Aberration - Connection IP: Query IP:
- Extinction - Connection IP: Query IP:
- The Center - Connection IP: Query IP:
- Genesis Part 1 - Coming March...
- The Chasm - Coming March...

Server Info & Rates:
- x15 Harvest, Experience, Taming, Baby Growth, Hatch Speed/Gestation
- x5 Hair Growth
- Max Player Level 200 (230 After Ascensions)
- Dinos Level 100 times after tame/growth
- Custom Tailored Beacons, Aberration Surface Beacons, Deep Sea Crates, Desert Crates, Cave Loot drops, Orbital Supply Drops (OSDs) and Titan loot drops.
- Ichthyornis and Pegomastax spawns disabled. If you'd like a tamed one of these creatures please contact an Admin and we'll GM Summon one for you.
- Tek Armour Pieces, Tek Rifle, Tek Sword, Tek Handheld Shield, Tek Replicator, Tek Generator, Tek Transmitter and Tek Light auto unlock at Level 200, all other Tek Items are locked behind their specific bosses
- Boss Element drops increased
- City Terminals placed around Aberration to allow transfer off map easy
- No Dino download Restrictions on Aberration (any dinos are allowed on Aberration)

Mod list:
All mods in one Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1970034527
- Structures Plus
- Platforms Plus LTS
- Simple Spawners
- Castle, Keeps and Forts Remastered
- Carnotaurus TLC
- Better Meks
- Awesome Spyglass
- Ark Additions: The Collection
- Anti-Radiation Tek Armour
- All Dinos Allow Guns
- HG Stacking Mod 10000 - 90
- Naj's Speedy Flyers
- Dino Colourizer
- Medieval Props
- Orbital Satellite Uplink
- Ozocraft
- RP Visual Storage
- Swim Clear SCUBA Mask
- Utilities Plus
- Tribute and Element Transfers
- Pimp My Home
- Pimp My Home Building Parts
- Eco's Rp Decor
- Eco Trees
- Eco's Garden Decor
- Eco's Shoppe Decor
- Eco's Stable Structures and Decor
- Eco's Tek Decor
- Eco's Terrariums
- Eco's Scorched Earth Decor
- Eco in Wonderland
- Eco's Aberration Decor
- Eco's Extinction Foliage

Come join in on the fun, once things get rolling, we'll begin hosting server events to win prizes.

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