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pve The Craft NZ 5xT 5xG 5XP Cluster X5 Servers

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The Craft NZ 5xT 5xG 5XP Cluster X5 Servers

Hey all, i am currently hosting a few ark servers for me and my mates to play on and figured ill post up here to see if anyone else is keen to join us :) servers are hosted in New Zealand on a little bit of a  over kill server but has worked in my favor, Currently have a few people who play on each server from different parts of the world and had nothing but positive feed back about how the server preforms (most people from the USA report back of ping around 80ms).  Have a few basic plug ins installed as still a little new to host ark servers. Love any feed back/ ideas people have and definitely have allot of extra hardware performance  spare to add more servers to the list set up different. Hope to see few more people around on the ark ;) hope you all have a great day/night. Cheers


50 slots each

5 x taming

5 x Gathering 

5 x XP

Max Dino Level 200

Cross Server chat

/players to see who is online

Server IPS/Maps





The Center



The Island






Scorched Earth 


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