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welcome to ark, adms are useless, always the same answer

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server timeouts on ps4 can't log in

hello anyone else having issues with ps4 server log ins we're on 5 servers and cant feed or refresh any of em both me in America and tribemate in Britain keep getting kicked at login of the servers are NA-PVE_PS4 official ragnarock 455 , EU-PVEPs4 official abberation 630 , OC-PVE-PS$ officail 889 ragnarock , EU-PVE-PS4 officail 992 extinction , NA-Pve-Ps4 official valguero 1066

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The login/host connection timeout glitch has returned

Been trying all day to get on official servers and none of them let me in it times out or freezes completely i have no internet connection issues n every other game i have runs with no problem I'm getting tired of these glitches n ive lost enough bases n dinos because of them please fix your game ,genesis isnt even out yet n i already want a refund at this point i spend hours playing to get somewhere in this game n these glitches steal all of it away ,its taking all the fun i used to have out of the game 

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