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Host connection timeout

I play this game with my dad everyday and they did an update on 11/27/19 and we have not been able to log in since. We’ve tried shutting off Xbox and restarting it. We have went to settings and “quit” so the game could reload, and we tried shutting off WiFi and turning it back on.  It acts like it is going to let us play and kicks us off before the screen even shows our bodies.. We did not break any rules. Please help?! 

We have a pop up that states: “lost/timed out connection to host”. Also, we are on official dedicated server. We play ark primitive. 

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whenever i join my ark pve rag server 129 on xbox it has me in the server for about 30 secs then crashes, i am not able to access the inventory of any of my tames and the base is all messed missing pieces of it and whenever i run away it crashes faster and it spawns me back to the same spot i spawned at before, my gamertag on xbox is Alienslayer3655 if anyone can help, i also lost my 190, fire and baby poison wyvern and 160 and 170 lightning wyverns due to this

update on this, rag is working now but on aberration 666, i died and now the same thing is happening again i had cryopodded creatures on me and now they are gone because of this glitch

please fix, thank you

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