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[BUG] unridden Megalosaurus only uses secondary attack.

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[BUG] unridden Megalosaurus only uses secondary attack.

#### Issue description

A tamed Megalosaurus without a rider uses the secondary attack (pick up) on every enemy, regardless if it can carry them or not. This results in extremely low damage and rendering the Megalosaurus unusable in any scenario when they are not ridden.

#### Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Turn on damage numbers
  2. Tame a Megalosaurus
  3. Ride it and attack to check the damage on both main and secondary attacks.
  4. Dismount and send the Megalosaurus to attack a target that can't be carried by it.
  5. Check the damage numbers it does

#### What's the expected result?

The Megalosaurus does not try to carry dinos that can not be carried.

#### What's the actual result?

The Megalosaurus tries to carry every dino regardless if the dinos can be carried or not, resulting in it using the secondary attack about 90% of the time, which in turn reduces its damage output by 90%.

#### Possible solution

1. There could be a "cooldown" like on the Argentavis "grab". It would automatically force the Megalo to use his main attack while the secondary is on "cooldown".

2. Or add an option inside the "behavior" circle to turn on/off the secondary "grab" mechanic.

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Can confirm it's been a long-standing bug which is quite a shame for Aberration; it's nigh impossible to have a good hunting pack of these things despite them being so good on that map. If there's no easy way to recode it, literally just make it a replica of the AI in the wild since that works perfectly, or if we're being adventurous, make it a toggle in the radial menu to disable secondary attack. I've never seen anyone of official Wildcard status remark about it but to be honest I doubt they ever will, there's no way that this hasn't been known by them for 2 years.

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