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Why doesn't ARK retain comments in .ini files?


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Why doesn't ARK retain comments in .ini files?

This is something that has bothered me for a  long time, it makes no sense that this happens.

When editing the .ini files I like to put comments into them, for obvious reasons. Then, when I start the dedicated server it strips out the comments and keeps only the settings themselves. I've never encountered a program that does this and can't help but wonder why ARK creates this problem for server admins.

Now obviously I have a workaround, just like most people do I keep copies of both .ini files on my PC with all of the comments in them, but again that's a workaround not a fix. A program should ignore comments, that's the whole point of comments, and should leave them in the file when the program runs.

Has WC ever given any reason for this behavior? I've looked for anything official from them and all I ever find is crickets chirping in the bottom of a black hole (they're very tough cricket, it turns out). Have any of you ever seen anything from WC addressing this issue?


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