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PS4/Xbox Connectivity Issues

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started booting people like a row of dominos, now no address found with dozens of eggs due to hatch...  

Ten? Try a couple of hours. Half a day for some. This has been a nightmare for anyone actually raising anything. I'm just glad I hadn't tossed anything out tonight, else I'd have been just pissed all

5 minutes ago, slayerofzombs87 said:

well rip them especially as its the weekend too .... always something with this game .... lol. so they broke dinos on extinction them being invisible they broke levels with no fix .... im still stuck on level 104 have been since the wonderland event .... the cryopod bug which ate a ton of my rexes for boss fights raised from eggs a spino from an egg i raised .... this game just keeps on giving doesnt it .... lol.

Lls For real though always something with this game 

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  • invincibleqc changed the title to PS4/Xbox Connectivity Issues

Going to lose all my tames that are in upload

pretty much our entire tribes tames, like 6 gigas, snow owls, krab, anky ect like at least 25-30 tames.

will wildcard do anything to fix this and give us our stuff back?


been trying to get on for the last hour and cannot, pretty sure we only have an hour left before timer runs out

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