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Missing Drops and Supply creates

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everytime Cedric mention this he  always asks is it prim plus .. NO .. How can he possibly think that if he read ANY of these posts. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It

Rintrahhh no it didn't work, even if I waited a little longer than what they did it still did nothing. I have a suspicion they might have used a Mod to make the beacons spawn naturally and I know ther

First this is old reply that (to me) feigns ignorance. Second, there has been NO official notice even acknowledging there is an issue. Third, your reply is both misleading, AND seems almost

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Why did you check the fuses? Before you turned it off it worked.  Joking aside.

I did notice a patch released Friday but my drops seem fine.

Last night I was on single player scorched earth on the Xbox and did 2 artifact runs and they were not there. Wasn't sure if I'd logged out and caused a respawn delay.

What map? Did you check any other map, have you altered any settings?

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33 minutes ago, ShakerDazzy said:

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yep I'm playing on scorched earth too. Working fine one minute then gone the next. Other maps are fine and I haven't altered the settings at all lately. I've also noticed a the wild Dino count seems a little down too.

I'm going to check my map later all seemed fine map wise when I was on last night. 

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33 minutes ago, Hrph said:

Same issue, no wyverns at all on Rag except Ice Wyverns, no Giga’s and no supply drops.  No supply drops on any map actually.  This is all Xbox single player.

On a newly created Ragnarok map on an Xbox server, I am seeing the same issue. I haven't dounf any Wyverns. I also noticed no Thylacoleo in the redwoods and no Beavers or even beaver dams. 

I did pull up my local saved Ragnarok game. All dinos seem to be there, just no Supply Drops. 

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Certain Maps & DLCs Not Spawning Supply Beacon Drops (Survival Evolved Mode)

This might be a reoccurring bug, from what I read from Reddit and other websites users reporting the bug that date back or no supply beacon drops. Read one from 2016 to 2018 posts, but one of them was talking about in 2018 mode for Primitive Plus of there being no supply beacons dropping, so I won't count that. So I started up the Maps and played all of the DLCs and roughly played for a solid 30 minutes or waited 24 in-game hours, and here are the results. Right now The Island, Scorched Earth, Extinction and not counting the orbital drops those are still working but only the supply beacon drops, The Center, Ragnarok, And Valguero seems to be sharing the same problem as well, literal no supply beacons dropping anywhere.

Hope Wildecard will fix this problem very quickly soon because as of now I'm going to be waiting until the supply beacon drops comeback in the latest patch note.

Has this ever happened to anyone else lately or is this just a bug on my end, where I'm not getting any supply drops at all. Don't want to uninstall and reinstall all the DLCs again, it will take literally a week or two on my end because of our families bad internet speed.

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Yeah. Just hope my bug report will be noticed that the community will see because this needs to be fixed like I mentioned before. Hope you can get others to see this and maybe the Ark Staff that reads the bug reports as well, this need to be addressed and hope Wildecard sees this.

Just pray that it doesn't take like a week or month for them to fix this, I really want this to be resolved. But it might be because they need to make sure the beacons are spawning correctly and hope this doesn't happen again in the nearer future. Because this already happened once in the pass and it's back again.

Also while on that subject, should I make another bug report of supply beacons going through the Maps and DLC's landscape? Just before this ever happened I had supply beacon  going through the ground, like through unmineable stone and skeletal fossils. Heck even the really important red supply drops even does this and I still can't figure out why it does this short of thing. Like you clearly have easy access to it but yet it's treating the supply beacons as if they haven't touched the ground yet. I even heard a supply beacon but couldn't find it and decided to admincheat ghost and, to my surprise, a supply beacon went through a cliff side. I didn't screenshot it but this is the first that ever happened, which by the way the supply beacon that went through the landscape was on Ragnarok and never does to the others. Except Abberration, that map uses cave beacon drops in the lower area but could be the same for the upper area where you get actual supply beacons. 

I may even end up making another bug report of supply beacons going through landscape (i.e Unmineable stone and skeletal fossils.) once they fix my first bug report of this issue first. Hope they will see my reply to you because that too needs to be fixed.

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