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pvp SKS (WIPED MAY 7TH) 3 Man **Weekday ORP**

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WIPED MAY 7TH  SKS/16 servers/ 3 man

SKS offers the prime ark life for people with regular day to day lives as we offer ORP (offline raid protection) Sunday night till Friday night allowing people to still continue with there lives and  still be able to enjoy ark 



17 3 man servers (Last wipe May 7th)
Wipes every 4-6 months
Beginner server wipes every 2 weeks 
new servers and slots added  regularly
rules enforced
active admin team
admin log turned on 
week day ORP 30 minutes after log out 
10x Harvest
15X breeding
35x maturation
5x XP
10x crop growth
boosted player/Dino stats
custom drops
stack mod
great admin team

just search sks in pc sessions to join the cluster or find our discord by using the code njdpbvK


server add season 4 new.jpg

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