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SMALLER tribes? 3-4 man tribes will help solo players + population


Smaller tribes will help the population!

A permanent server with 3 or 4 man tribes and no incoming dino/items AT ALL would actually help prevent the population from dropping. Call it "Smaller Tribes" or "Tiny Tribes". A lot of players quit because they have nobody to play with and an official server with tribes that have 3 or 4 people would really help the population a bit more! As for the no transferring, nobody wants a sweaty neck beard from Rag  transfering his top of the line stegos to come raid new servers as they please. The transferring thing isn't a huge issue for me (not allowing them would help in the long run once everyone is built up like a mega tribe) BUT smaller tribe sizes would be nice since official is unplayable. Maybe make a map specific for this? (probably not but it'd be cool)
Also, don't say "oh but it costs money for them to make more servers" because they have a bunch of empty legacy servers that nobody plays on, they're all dead. They could literally make 2 servers of each map, maybe add x3 turret damage when offline.

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