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Changes in pve cryopods


Changes in pve cryopods

I think lots of dinos on server can be a major cause of lag. It could be better if most dinos are in cryopods.


A player may consider the followings when deciding whether to cryo a creature:

1, It take time (~2s) to release the cryoed creature, and also cryosickness.

2, it also take time (~5s) to cryo any creature.

3, organized (lined up) creatures are likely to be disorganized when cryoed and released

4, cryoed creatures can be stolen by an insider in the tribe

5, behavioral settings of creature is lot upon cryo


To encourage cryoing, changes can be made so that:

1, reduce the time it takes to release creatures and remove crysickness effect(to prevent exploit, change 1 and 2 can be set to only activate when there is no hostile creatures/players around)

2, reduce the time it takes to cryo creatures

3, provide a hologram ( show creature position when it is released) when trying to release creature, this can make released creatures more organized

4, add an option to lock cryopods, only members above a certain rank and belong to a certain tribe can release creature within.

5, save behavioral settings when cryoing creatures.



Increase breeding timer tick rate of female creatures in cryopods by 1.5x speed and allow creature to slowly recover health when cryoed can also encourage cryoing

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