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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad

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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad We're looking to get some feedback about the event.  If you could do me a favor and structure this into pro's and cons.  If you have no pro's, that's f

I think with all Events the placed Decorations should stay. But the Event was good, The Rare Chibis were probably a little to rare. But it has made the Trading Discords interesting. Seeing a Chibi go

Pros: 2x everything was great, Chibi's   Cons: the lag, everyone's negativity about if someone was at a gift it's theirs   Next time please stat that it's a free for all on the dro

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All in all - LOVED the event! It's really my favourite event and I've started looking forward to it ever since you brought back Raptor Claus.


  • ❤️ Raptor Claus. I like that he's flying in a straight line so that I have a chance to catch all gifts when I'm alone on the server, even with only the slower The Island flyers like the Ptera.
  • Really cool with the Chibis and I'm really happy about the extra 5 levels!
  • Amazing with such a big addition as the Chibi system: so many Chibis and having them add max levels.
  • The winter theme of The Island was really cool.
  • The length of the event.
  • Creatures with event colours.
  • Christmas decorations.


  • Mainly ghillie gear in Raptor Claus drops, no Fur Gear and very few fire arms (was looking for BPs for Longneck Rifle, Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle, neither of which I got a BP for and only one or two ARs)
  • I got every drop when I was online and filled countless of storage boxes with duplicate Chibis and still didn't get them all. The rare ones were a bit too rare, especially when I didn't have access to trading for the ones I was missing.
  • Spelling mistakes made the Chibis feel a bit rushed.
  • Would've preferred the xp requirements for chibis to be a bit lower, but I get it.
  • The winter theme was a bit harder to see once the novelty wore off and I started longing for the regular look again.
  • Too many bright coloured creatures. They really do sting my eyes.


  • If I had my way (but I believe a lot of people here would disagree), there would be a weighting towards the more "natural" colours out of the event colours. That is, if the event includes all red colours, it would be more likely to see Dark Red, Dino Dark Red, Brick Dye than to see pure red.
  • Diversify the loot tables for the gifts more - I'd love to see other gear than almost exclusively ghillie as well as a wider range of weapons and saddles.
  • Make the rare chibis less rare.
  • Making the nights lighter, at least on the ground, when there's snow (that's my favourite thing about snow irl!).
  • Chibi display cases for displaying those Chibis you don't use.
  • Christmas lights giving off more light.

Again - loved the event! Thanks so much for bringing back Raptor Claus and even more thanks for continuing in developing the event to make it even more amazing all the time!

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18 hours ago, Lowly said:

I'm curious if you think 2x taming and coloured Dino's encourages toxic people, people able to place Christmas presents and trees and decorate your base created toxicity? Can you be a bit more specific as I highly doubt you think that every aspect of it, like 3 weeks of 2x taming and XP and harvesting and taming causes toxicity?

People fighting over raptor drops even on pve

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overall a great event the Chibis were fun to collect , some way too rare as mentioned many times before here .

i think the length of the event was about right , not too long or too short. 

the toxic nature shown by some people can be an issue but thats a per server issue , most of my servers played nice and stated that if there was some one at a drop you move on, and one even collectively agreed that it was a free for all.  

the server collectively acted against those that didn't play to the rules.

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raptor clause needs to be changed in some manner to stop the toxicity that is created. During event the game is laggy, ping is through the roof, and box tribes (i.e. chinese players) swarm western servers. I'd recommend giving raptor clause the old mmo treatment, and giving people who are nearby when present is opened some randomly generated loot in one's inventory. This would be interesting for both pvp and pve in different ways. For pve it would allow server players to meet up and hang out flying from present to present, while on pvp it would be the ultimate royal rumble between tribes to get mountains of loot from other players. I also understand this would require adding something new as the current presents are just normal drops with a present skin.

Chibis are a mixed bag, as they made the toxicity far worse this year. In prior years people would become disinterested in the drops after a week or two, and all the weaker players would then have a chance. This year it was a free-for-all near the end instead. Not well thought out imo. As for chibi levels being reset when a server restarts, that has to be an oversight. I would guess that a chibi should reset its level if someone else equips it, and only in that scenario. I'm assuming this is being fixed as chibi getting levels wiped on server restart makes no sense from a design point of view. It would be nice to get chibis in your inventory as part of achievement for killing a boss. So there'd be the Ape, Brood mother, Dragon, Rockwell, etc chibis. Being able to add certain skins to the chibis like hats or costumes would be interesting as well.

As for the breeding event, I can't recall if that was in previous xmas events, but it was nice to have. My only concern again is box tribes from asia swarming NA servers during these events and spiking everyones server ping into the 200+ms range at times. Region locks really need to become a thing for official servers, it is getting out of hand during events and even during normal times. They are blatently duping and crashing servers at a time when ARK staff are on holiday. I get thats not entirely related to the winter wonderland event, but it made things pretty bad for people on official servers and ruined the event at times.

One last thing is the spawn rate of normal gacha in the sunken forest on extinction during winter wonderland. It seems like the spawn rate was almost zero for normal (tamable) gachas during event, and maybe thats not something that can be easily fixed, but it was something I noticed and thought I'd share. 

Otherwise, aside from server load and much needed region locks because of crashes and lost progress, the event is pretty good. Raptor clause needs an overhaul, and chibi levels being wiped on server restart surely can't be intentional, but everything else that was working was great as usual.

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Raptor Clause: Absolutly love chasing down the falling gifts and seeing what I will get.

Winter theme: I think the winter skinned Island was fantastic. I didnt check out the other maps to see if they had snow aswell (I wish I had looked at SE). I honeatly want them to do a seasonal theme that changes with the seasons so leaves falling from trees in autumn, snow covered in winter ect..

Chibis: I like the chibis alot, it was fun collecting them but it did get tiring finding the same 6-7 chibis over and over.

Event Colours: This is true for all Ark events, I love the event coloured dinos, ite fun to breed their colours into my lines.


People: People are unfortunatly for me one of the few things that I dislike about Ark (not all people, just some). Last year i played Winter Wonderland on xbox PvE Official and there were players who lured mobs, took all drops, got to drops first ect ect. It was part of the fun, you need to see it like a race to see who gets their first, it can be frustrating for sure when you dont get the drop or you need to kill a pack of Allos lured to the drop and someome else takes it. But it is christmas, it is a fun event and everyone wants to play, i did half of it last year with a pteranodon (I got my hands on a couple of wyvens after that) and managed a few drops but you cant expect to win a race against a wyvern with a ptera, I tried and I succeded less that I failed but it was fun. The race to the drops actually encouraged me to get faster dinos before I was planning too and in turn made the game easier to navigate from that point on. 

This year however every time I have come on the forums (hoping for genesis updates tbh) all I have seen is post after post of people complaining that others are beating them to drops, luring dinos to drops or that their own fliers cannot compete (although the teleporting of corrupted dinos that I have read about is a dirty thing to do and needs to be fixed). These people seems to want a 'timer' on picking up a drop and as I havent seen any posts against this idea i really hope that it is NOT put into the next winter wonderland. It would make picking drops tedious waiting for timers on single player/unofficial or even official if you are the only one online or nobody else wants drops, we would instead have people complaining that large tribes have 1 person at each drop to take the loot meaning the timer doesnt matter. 

Chibi: I wish there was a way to put chibis on taxidermy or a display somewhere so we can see them. Also the rare chibis are far to rare.


Overall: This was a wonderful event that I thorougly enjoyed however I wish that the community would relax and enjoy events instead of complaining that things dont go their way.


Edit: I do like the idea of everyone being able to loot the raptor drop I just really dont want a cooldown timer.

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Pro: The addition of Chibis.

Cons: Many gifts dropped off the map and where unattainable. The fighting over the drops really brings the game down, wish there was a way to have raptor claus just give everyone a present that was on during midnight. The loot in the gifts seemed pretty slim compared to other years or very limited in scope.

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The chibis were a definite hit, providing both a fun visual companion as well as actual function through the bonus levels. I hope that they make a return in future events, along with new chibis (Trilobite!)

I made a suggestion in one of the pinned suggestion threads about adding more clothing to events, beside the obligatory swimsuits and hats. Whether it was heard or not, I was pleased to see the sweaters added.

Raptor Claus was very generous this year, as I got lots of good gear from him. Makes up for the Overseer giving me those double crop plot blueprint drops...

Having the Christmas decorations is good too. While I don't decorate much, both in real life and in ARK, having a Christmas tree in my base was a nice seasonal touch.

Snowy map returning was great too, even though I hate snow.


Having rain everywhere else expect the snow biome felt a little off... If I remember right, last time we had the snowy map, it would snow everywhere.

Gacha Claus would sometime stop eating and wouldn't produce crystals. I don't know what causes it, and in the end it was really a minor inconvenience, since you could just go and find a new one.

Some of the event hats don't work on creatures that can wear hats. 

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the pros were the 2x event (which i think should follow the small ones and keep 2x) the opportunity to get a pet (chibi) even more drenching us in the character's nvl ... the nerf against that the drops were taking during the event that at the beginning was one at the end another discouraging several players and the end of 2x ...

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This question is a joke right?

1. the items that have been available are pretty much useless when you are allready in endgme, we allready had much better stuff.

2. the update completely ruined the colours of all our dinos (im talking of around 150 birds/dinos). we breeded several raptoring months for our dinos to have the colours and stats that we wanted. all this work is screwed becaus of this poopy event. If that would be possible make a patch rollback to november 2019.

3. during the event it was hard to gain useable loot from caves, for nearly the entire time we couldnt make any progress because of missing artifiacts.

Ok thats it so far.

My suggestions: Stop all events and never bring any of them back, or if you really feel the need to have events, make them in a way so they dont screw the game/progress people make. Instead of doing events, start bug fixing and improve ai....really guys, i rarely played a game  with soo much bugs and developers didnt care but making more buggy content.

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- Chibi collection

- Raptor Claus' loot scales its quality according to my settings (2x)

- Good reason to hunt Alphas

- Long awaited additional levels

- Colored dinos

- Menu music, Raptor Claus music, Winter decorations


- Gacha Claus' loot is not worth it due to poor quality that doesn't scale

- Gacha Claus eats more time and patience than coal and mistletoe

- Christmas loot beacons are hard to track on tidelocked Earth of Extinction (always day)

- Items expire

- Coal is not transferable

- Turkey Trials event was impossible to reuse due to Super Turkeys not spawning



- I haven't had enough time to experience all the features of the event as well as the previous one. It is great I can extend Winter Event and sad I can't do that for the previous

- Pros are stronger than Cons

- Additional customization settings would be appreciated for the following events

- Bug fixes for the expired events, though with low priority, would make me happy

- I'd love to have a minor Dev Kit update or an archive with event files when next events are released. I need it mainly to adjust loot quality and quantity as well as XP scale for the new levels (copy single player values to my quasi-single player local hosted cluster)

- It is the best event yet

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2 hours ago, Rincewind2704 said:

does anyone knows how the leveling with the chibis is working ?

i got my chibi yesterday another level .. and was not promoted a higher level (105 -> 106) as well.

you don't instantly get the level,  you gain access to level up to that new level.  You still have to go earn the xp for it.

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Everything at 2x was nice
Nice new items , chibi idea is interesting

Raptor Claus drops are severely restricted for the amount of players. It became impossible to get presents, really brings out the worst in people. Not to mention outsiders from the server who login just before midnight to raid just the presents. Presents dropping like regular drops would at least give more chance and a random factor to it.  The idea of the event is for everyone to be able to participate.. as it was implemented now its almost impossible unless you want to have a bad time.

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Pros: definitely the 2x everything and it doubled the pop on my server.

Cons: the decorations requiring mistletoe and coal. Maybe next year make the decorations just craft able with fiber wood and what not. Then make the emote and skins require mistletoe and coal. This to me would have made the event more enjoyable in the beginning then people with full tech take everything before you can even get to them making you salty as all hell lmao.


Over all good concept, just hard for smaller tribe/ new to the server people to get anything.

Edited by Sgtsemper17
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Pros - it's fun and new, encourages getting out and looking for stuff, collecting etc

Cons - people with the fastest manas and keyboard macros to take drops would get almost all drops if they were online. The rarity and value of the rarer chibis very much didn't help with this, people were too competitive and became toxic and rude, diving in last second, taking all and moving onto the next one regardless of how long someone had been waiting below.

THE LAG. Mostly down to breeding rates and more players being on, all taking advantage and having all their dinos out

As others have mentioned, pets should have a dedicated slot. I believe, at least in pve, your named chibis or at least your equipped chibis should be bound to your player, as in you should spawn with the one you have equipped if you die, fast travel or transfer. It shouldn't count as an item when equipped. I'm too afraid to level or wear my fancy phoenix in fear of getting raptored while fighting an alpha carno and dying or DCing, being drowned for it etc. Perhaps each player could have a "pet inventory" to store their chibis as non-items which could be removed and turned back into items for trading.

I would also like to see them be renamable with a right click function and not automatically give you the NAME IT pop up which is incredibly annoying especially when trying on multiple chibis to find a fave colour.


Chibi suggestions: DEINONYCHUS!!! Please the baby stage doesn't even have its own proportions at least give us baby chibis.

Mana, griffin, pelagornis, lystro, thorny dragon, troodons, titanoboa and basilisk, seeker and other untameables, diplocaulus, beelzebufo, water creatures, I want my worst enemy the jellyfish enslaved to follow me around, glowbug, astrocetus, leedsichthys, lymantria, mantis, tek creatures, ABERRANT VARIANTS, maybe each chibi could have a chance of being one of the variants instead of being whole new items (and the new genesis variants) small/shoulder pets would also still be fun, the appeal isn't just being able to carry it around, it's that it's permanent, aesthetic, personal etc. Honestly I want all existing things in the game to have a chibi lol. Chibi human why not.

Another suggestion, would be fun if the chibis reacted in a similar way to hlna to emotes and injury/pooping. Lvl up animation for some happy emotes, roars for some with taunt, poop when you poop (empathy poop?) and their flinch/alert when you get hurt, etc


EDIT: coal should also be transferrable and gacha claus should only eat one coal/mistletoe at a time, feeding them became a tedious time sink and wasn't fun. The bugs where they would eat and not produce or would stop eating really need ironing out too

Edited by MYTVY
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  • Chibis are great
  • length of event
  • 2x everything
  • adding 5 extra player level
  • costs for new skins


  • Offi PVE went toxic for raptor clause drops
  • Chibi leveling is broken (reseting to level 1 almost every alpha i kill)
  • server is still crashing every day since event started (PC: EU-PVE-Rag389) (reporting it every day)
  • rare chibis are way toooo rare as you can see in the screenshot (its on offi PC PVE)




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CON.      Chinos are being done So inappropriately. Everyone loves them cause they're cute and actually provide value in the form of lvls and trade potential. However we already have cute baby dinos and cute shoulder mounts, why add more. Chibis giving lvls is a huge reason why they are so popular. This doesn't make sense. Add rare augment stones that can be placed into/on your specimen implant that can be lvl'd and quested for, also this could fit the lore better than chibis 

Chibis should be event items with event skins options that give no benefit to a character. They should be cosmetic only/event only 

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Pros: 2x breeding, xp, harvesting and especially taming was amazing as always. Chibis are adorable.

Cons: Toxic people because of drops. Drops not containing the best loot, got too many sickles. Lag because of the sheer number of people on. Chibis not working as intended, mine kept losing lvls

The event was great overall, would love to see some chibis of untameable creatures in the future. Such as seekers, nameless, mantis, ect. Water chibis would be cute as well, maybe have them float in the air like the flyer chibis

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Added a new con
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Chibis are a good addition to the game 

Rates and colors 


Chibis are being equipped on a same slot as shield/hln-a and some more stuff. I really believe you should consider making at least one more separate slot for chibis/hln-a

Decorations disappear after the event. I truly believe it should be up to players when to remove them from their places (if remove at all). They are rewards we farm just like BPs/structures etc in this event and should be able to use them as we want and when we want. At least on removing part. 

Presents felt a bit too weak. All the same over and over again. I think I got enough pikes for the rest of my and my children's life. 

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