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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad

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CONS plus suggestion -

1 - Because The Raptor Claus drops are open world they cause much toxicity for those who snatch and those who claim. A way to resolve this is make the areas around the gifts PVP open, even on a PVE server. Then there can be no toxicity about who actually WON the gift. 

2 - The rare Chibis TOO RARE (which I assume were the Genesis dinos plus Reaper) and maybe a few others were TOO rare. or maybe i should put it this way. The common chibis were too common like anky and dodec.  

3 - Duplicated CHIBIS No doubt Chibis were a hit, but to avoid all the duplication? maybe let us feed duplicate chibi to the gacha claus for a chance at one that is not the one we fed it? or even just another one to drop? is that hard to program? i dunno. 

4 - The actual artwork/design of the chibis. Hopefully their design can be more proportionate next year. Were the heads meant to be that big?



The snow covering and environmental changes were AMAZING. Absolutely Beautiful. 

Of course the addition of the Chibi collection

Adding Breeding/Maturity to the event rates was a surprising and welcome addition!

The colored dinos! the Colored dinos!!!

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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad We're looking to get some feedback about the event.  If you could do me a favor and structure this into pro's and cons.  If you have no pro's, that's f

I think with all Events the placed Decorations should stay. But the Event was good, The Rare Chibis were probably a little to rare. But it has made the Trading Discords interesting. Seeing a Chibi go

Pros: 2x everything was great, Chibi's   Cons: the lag, everyone's negativity about if someone was at a gift it's theirs   Next time please stat that it's a free for all on the dro

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I personally think the Christmas loot should work as for the Thanksgiving or Halloween event. We should try to find something like turkeys, and craft things after. Toxic people will always exist, it's disgraceful the lack of respect that some people have for others, even though it's a game where we should all have fun. In pvp it may even be fun, but in pvp it's a disgrace.

Pros: Color events, +5lvls, Chibis, x2 on everything was amazing!

Cons: rare chibis being to rare, toxic people stealing loot when u are already there waiting,  presents spawning outside of the map ( Valguero and SE). 

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Chibi was fun to get.




Spelling mistakes on chibi's like Ovus.............. (YES some of us noticed)  

Presents should drop all at the same rate as it will give more chances of people getting a chance to get one then everyone going to the next as soon as one drops

Also as most people said some of the Chibis where to common and some to Rare.

Some of the loot became to repetitive (we mostly only got ghillie bps or a pike) what is not really as rare as made out in the news letter, few drops on extinction could give some same BP's. I was expecting like Quetz platform saddle or Fur Bps is my definition of rare.   

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I've had the game since 2018 and the Xmas event is prolly my favorite.

Pros: Raptor Claus dropped some great loot, I love the addition of Chibis, new emotes and skinds were cool, and I always love the holiday colored Dinos. 

Cons: I also think the rare Chibis were a little too rare. I spent hours/days chasing Raptor Claus and feeding gatchas to try and collect them all and was only ably to pull 1 Genesis chibi. I wish there was a faster way to feed Gatchas Claus, I spent literal hours just feeding 2 Gatchas 1 coal/mistletoe at a time to use it up. (Was also trying to get as many crystals as possible to try and get the rare Chibis) And lastly, I think it'd be cool if there was a Xmas themed boss.

Like I said though, great event and I'm very excited to see what you guys have in store for us. 

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Pros: It was nice to have 2x taming during event. In past we didn't get that, just 2x breeding. It was nice to have both. Chibis are really cool and a welcomed addition. 

Cons: Rare Chibis were too rare. I did a lot of grinding for chibis and didn't get any of the rare ones I wanted. Gacha Claus took way too long to go through coal. I still have hundreds of coal and mistletoe because it just took too long to go through it with Gacha Claus. In fact towards the end of the event I started to hate it because it took too much time.

Overall a really nice event. Thanks!

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Chibis system, event colors, gachaclaus, gacharaptor


Event turned community toxic, because not everyone had a chance to get the chibis, and everyone wanted them. People were fighting over chat, swearing, reporting each other.

Make chibis not tradeable, and more opportunities or ways to get them.

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Some chibi are cute. But many get in the way of your vision or hand feeding with their animation. Too hard to find a variety-repeatedly getting the ones nobody wants like stegos, doeds, phioma, iguans. Not enough presents, caused a lot of griefing and fighting on PVE official Xbox.  People were not being considerate at all. Stealing gifts, turned into a PVP type environment on PVE servers.   Too many holiday boxes and wreaths and not enough variety of chibi rewards.  Would like to have had 4X breeding instead of just 2X.  We should have 2X breeding/mat every weekend anyway or all the time because breeding takes way too long so when the events come it would be nice to have like 4X.

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30 minutes ago, ItWasntMe said:

Utter garbage event encourages toxic people

I'm curious if you think 2x taming and coloured Dino's encourages toxic people, people able to place Christmas presents and trees and decorate your base created toxicity? Can you be a bit more specific as I highly doubt you think that every aspect of it, like 3 weeks of 2x taming and XP and harvesting and taming causes toxicity?

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18 hours ago, AlmightyGamerYT said:

I think with all Events the placed Decorations should stay. But the Event was good, The Rare Chibis were probably a little to rare. But it has made the Trading Discords interesting. Seeing a Chibi go for 3000 Tek

I agree with all of this that

pros chibs are cool and I think drops were done well

cons Christmas decorations should not expire Also I’m sad there were no limited Tameable Christmas Dino’s

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Don’t know if it was the Winter wonderland event or not but colors and rendering got messed up pretty bad on Primitive Plus servers. Had extreme trouble playing on the servers and we have 3 Prim plus servers. Mountains on Rag were bright yellow and neon green. Valguero was Red and Island had black sand ..all servers had diamond and square shapes visible.

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I loved the event, the chibis are a great addition. Sugguestions/issues to follow:

I felt the chibis should have been a craftable item in the cooking pot like the skins, for example 10 coal could be a dilo 1000 coal could be a phoenix. I think this would have reduced the ingame arguements 100 fold. 

My favorite dino is the otter so i would like to see an otter chibi added at some point.

On TheCenter maps if santa slew over the floating island the presents would get stuck above the maps ceiing and would never drop, this also occured in the redwoods in a few places.

The chibis erased one of my levels which i thought was wierd, i was lvl 133 before the event started and now im back to level 132 from equipping a leveled chibi.

Going forward i think it would be nice if the presents spawned on the ground one at a time with a supply drop light beam so you could find them, this would eliminate people flying in 3 seconds before it lands and swipign the items you waited 2 minutes for under the present as it fell.

Because of the rarity of the drops it seemed to me new players were at a disadvantage, Veteran players flew from drop to drop with managarmrs grabbing every one before new players even had time to get to them, trying to complete their chibi collection.

I feel it would have been better to release maybe 10-20 chibis instead of 54 all at once. 

Gachaclaus could have dropped crystals 10x faster or at the least only at 1 coal at a time instead of 10, i probably wasted a total of 48 hours over the course of the event sitting beside a gacha feeding it 1 coal at a time. in the end i got around 40/54 of the chibis.

Gachaclaus' tended to stop producing crystals because they ran out of the invisible rocks around them eating your coal and giving you nothing in return. Requireing you to punch them and lead them to a new area with more food for them to produce crystals with.


All in all i really enjoyed the event even with the things i listed above.



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- it was a very good idea to add new things like the chibis to the event, it made it more interesting and fun to try to collect them.


- there should be another way to get stuff like mistletoe and coal as there were a lot of people who would just grab presents right out from under you even in PVE which made it rather annoying

- the rarer chibis were way to rare to find and same with any of the good bps that you could find in the presents

- once people start showing people how to use modded keyboards/controller and scripts to pretty much guarantee them to get the packages it pretty much just ruined the event in my opinion because then you had people that would be on all day that would pretty much prevent people from getting any presents at all all day.

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Pros: 2x everything is great plus the length of the event was a big help

Cons: not enough drops they should be increased or the frequency of visits by Raptor Claus (it's always midnight someplace) or have more than one Raptor Claus doing fly overs, competing for drops sucks but lack of respect by immature players is even worse. If you were at the drop first it should be yours but I fault the devs for not factoring this into the game. There really should have been more drops (many times it flew over water and there were no drops and other times the drops got stuck above the ceiling). Rare Chibis were too few which contributed to more fighting over drops. I've got tons of roll rats, thylas and stegos but nothing from Genesis or the rares. Basically toxic players spoiled the game for everyone, the devs did not put much thought into the number of drops or how childish people can be (after five years you think they would have learned this by now) and of course the lag was awful. Plus when the event rolled out all candies from the summer bash and turkey trials event were wiped out (so all the hard work that was invested was wasted which again shows lack of respect for players time, what will happen on the next event? Are you going to delete all of our blue prints or dinos by accident?) This is a serious concern because during the last event you initiated a patch that prevented people from logging in and again costing players a lot of time that can never be replaced. Again I emphasize a lack of respect for players invested time in the game. 

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Pros: Amazing Raptor Claus, Gifts, Gacha Claus, 2x everything, BEANIES, ugly sweaters, emotes, and last but not least event Dino’s! 

Cons: After the winter wonderland update. All of the candies I’ve collected from any previous event was gone. Also the decorations went too which isn’t a huge deal bc it’s less lag but my candies kinda bummed me out lol. 

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Alright, so let's start off by saying any events are great, I usually enjoy them rather immensely, however this one had a pretty dark cloud over the entire thing.


My experience:

When the event started I was ready to go, got myself out over sanctuary and waited eagerly for the presents to drop. So did everyone else.  It started off civilly with people recognizing that if someone is at the present that's falling out of the sky, they went on to the next one. That lasted for maybe a day.  After day 1, it became a matter of who had the faster pet, who was using a controller to quickly snatch everything out from under you and run to the next one, and became a completely frustrating and pointless venture.  Survivors turned on each other and completely killed the spirit of the event almost immediately for those of us who wanted to actually play it.  II would recommend making each drop a specific loot for each survivor and put a timer on how long the drop stays before decaying.  That way everyone gets a fair shake at getting the goodies without any need to worry about that tribe of miscreants who wants to ruin the fun for everyone else on the map.

Clarifying,  once Raptor Claus drops the package over the side of the sleigh and it comes down, instead of making it a one time loot-able drop by one person, have it stay for a set amount of time, once a player opens the loot window they are locked to their own specific loot table and inventory. That way, those of us who don't want to zoom over to each present and steal them from other people in some sort of selfish frenzy can simply land, casually meander up to the present and loot it at our leisure with no fear of being robbed by our holiday bandits as we all get something out of the drop while the timer remains active.

Short of the bad behavior we had to endure, i would like to mention that there were many server issues, lag, multiple patches and restarts, and things that definitely hindered the progress. You guys in the studio have to remember, things take a large amount of time to get accomplished in Ark especially taming and raising. I lost several beautiful dinos, sorely, my most devastating loss was a Gasbag that was beautifully marked with reds and greens and had phenomenal weight points. I was 90% through the tame when the server restarted and I lost it entirely, it was disheartening. 

Some of the things I did however really like were;

  • Chibis, they are great except for the fact they really need to be more random on the colors, most of em came out brown or blue. 
  • Gacha Claus is AWESOME, loved that whole thing with the coal and mistletoe
  • Loved the holiday outfits from the cooking pot!
  • Loved the Christmas decorations and lights

Short of the big issue above, I think the Winter Wonderland was a smashing success, it was fun and while I didn't do much in the event personally due to the above reasons, what little I was able to get, I enjoyed immensely.


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21 hours ago, AlphaPrime01 said:

Chibi 'Bookshelfs' with 100-300 slots!!!!! <<< Seriously please do this!!! Maybe call it a Chibi Stand like a dermis stand but 100-300 slots idk but plz chibi bookshelf!!

Candy 'Bookshelfs' with 100+ slots!! Maybe call it a lollipop stand or something lol

Chibis are cool, but they need their own slot vs using offhand slot same for HLNA (cant use shields)


feeding gachaclaus, if the intent for them was ONLY eating a 10 stack of coal/mistletoe at a time, then there doesn't need to be another option like feeding 1 at a time. having 1 coal/mistletoe give you the same (noticeable) chances for an item as 10, makes average player waste chances to get a super rare chibi, and makes people in the know feel like they have to force feed 1 at a time because they are missing out, if there was only a set amount it ate, we could load them up and be much less stressed while feeding them as they would only eat the right amount each time, personally I spent hours the last few days feeding multiple gachaclaus (avg 4 at once) over 4.5k coal/mistletoe 1 at a time, over multiple hours to get 3 'super rares' out of them all and gave up after I had 800 more coal/mistletoe left and didnt have the energy or will to do it anymore

Omg these things!! ❤️❤️❤️ Especially the bit about feeding Gacha Claus! Would much prefer if loading them up and letting them eat was the only way of doing it.

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I typically just hate special events, period and just want to PvP. Winter Wonderland was mainly annoying because of everything being White, and even dropping down to gamma 1 didn't help the glare.

Also instead of just making trees white you guys got lazy and just changed all shades of green to white, meaning my Neon Green Velonasaurs line turned white for the last month.

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Coming from an unofficial player and server host:


-Loved the continued stacking of new rewards into old existing holiday rewards.

-Loved the idea of chibi's and any new chibi's introduced would be welcomed!



-On multiple occasions the chibi's on my server would reset. We were not able to figure out what we were doing that would cause it (if it was us or not, even).

-Gacha Claus would occasionally stop taking mistletoe/coal (not sure if this was intentional or not)

-The gacha claus loot seemingly scaled the same way regardless of eating 1 to 10 mistletoe, not sure if intended but would love to see there be a visual difference in quality!


Overall, we loved the event! We are all sitting on the edge of our seats with anticipation for Genesis! Keep up the hard work guys, and thanks!

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On 1/8/2020 at 1:13 PM, Cedric said:

Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad

We're looking to get some feedback about the event.  If you could do me a favor and structure this into pro's and cons.  If you have no pro's, that's fine but please keep it on topic and related to Winter Wonderland 4.

We'd also like to hear your opinions on chibi's and chibi's you might like to see in the future if it's something you like.


  • Loot
  • chibis
  • seasonal scenery
  • skins


  • time sink for presents to land, time to wait for someone else to roll up and gank you, while in pvp - maybe fun, not so much in pve.
  • pve - encourages bad behaviors (griefing others trying to get  presents, ie - land a snow owl hard, slow down anyone else running for the present, or with a gasbag blow the first person to arrive off a cliff and be the first to the present)
  • wicked time sink for loot from gachas as well
  • winter skins didn't' show on snowmen, tiny let down that there was at least 6 hat skins that didn't work on the snowmen , not including the winter event ones which also didn't work.


ideas for chibis?  Shoot, I'm like Ash Catchem, i gotta have em all... or i would be, but i'm not spending 20 hrs gathering crystals off a gacha's back to get the last 4 i'm missing...

ideas to make winter event more fun? 

Instead of presents, couldn't the raptor claus just beam down like a bolt of lightninig some chirstmas mobs?  They could be anything, a dilo w/ mistletoe for a face, or a present w/ arms legs and lots of teeth?.... or simply a pack of angry alpha reindeers.  Have killing the mobs instead gather up loot, this would still be a gank fest in pvp, but would allow for more people to get in on the action w/out it being a snooze fest waiting for a present to land.


Gacha Claus' , instead of being something we sit, stare, and wait by - maybe we could just kill like an angry-alpha-increased-size version of a gacha that yeilds loot through killing as well or in lieu of feeding.  We could just get rid of the gacha in this case and it can be any animal you feel is appropriate, say an angry alpha Christmas Tree - that's not happy about someone stringing lights up all over it.

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