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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad

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The good:
Colored dinos
x2 rates

The bad:
Servers are lagging a lot during event and crashing many times also kicking people.
On abberation many times raptor santa dropping packages to area where you can't reach. (Out from map)
Many times you get same stuff from packages can be more different loot pool.
Chibi's lvl and xp loosing.


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Weigh In: Winter Wonderland 4: Good and Bad We're looking to get some feedback about the event.  If you could do me a favor and structure this into pro's and cons.  If you have no pro's, that's f

I think with all Events the placed Decorations should stay. But the Event was good, The Rare Chibis were probably a little to rare. But it has made the Trading Discords interesting. Seeing a Chibi go

Pros: 2x everything was great, Chibi's   Cons: the lag, everyone's negativity about if someone was at a gift it's theirs   Next time please stat that it's a free for all on the dro

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Pros: Everything x2, 

         event colors 

        extra levels with chibis


Cons: Unbearable lags for the whole event, 150 ping was already a good thing.

           Server crashes

          impossible to do any bosses because of the 2 points above

          Griefers on Extinction used that many people are online to grief others with corrupted dinos as soon as you left your base or logged off (teleporting corrupted)

          People started fighting and griefing for presents, name calling and harassing each other during Christmas....

          the coal and misteltoe trading got bothering and grindy

         Cryopod bug started during the event with dinos inside cryos disappearing when deployed


I liked the event but duo to the unbearable lags, I spend most of my  time on Aberration because it was the only playable map...I very much disliked the presents because people just griefed and harassed each other for them.


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Pro, a really good way to get blueprints and gear for new and long time players

The conversion of the island map to full snow is a gorgeous thing to look at

The new skins for Bola and slingshot, which we haven't seen before are wonderful


The addition of chibis to earn extra levels is wonderful and amazing and they look cute and cool for the most part


It's nice that blueprints dropped in this event but it would have been nice to see metal pick or hatchet blueprints and not just sickles and Lance's in the weapons and tool front



The random drops that only drop upto a maximum of 8 drops every 1 hour on official servers (excluding abberation) On servers that can hold 72 people max And then randomising 54 different ones inside those 8, is bad implementation it has to be apparent to you now that through no fault of any of the Dev team or company, ark has a huge portion of the player base that have serious case of FOMO or borderline or actual gambling addiction issues, and adding in new shiny things so heavily hidden behind randomised systems ontop of randomised systems to try and collect them all, is a bad design choice Allowing us to directly craft the one we want is best case for players but worst case for devs, I get that But grouping them into rarities and allowing us to craft a rarity …crystal, totally like loot boxes. So a journeyman crystal costs 2x more then a apprentice crystal but has an increase chance at the rare mastercraft or ascendant chibis, also increased chance of getting more then 1 chibi the higher up in tier you get crystals…ascendant crystals gaurunteed ASC chibi with chance at 2nd ASC chibi, costs a lot of coal and miseltoe, crafteable in cooking pot or from gacha Claus to make that still relevant Then I wouldn't have felt like I wasted 500 miseltoe and coal on 1 gachaclaus &…still not cherufe or snow owl chibi. The system in place seemed /appeared to take into account the loot tables for supply drops on those servers as to what rarity you get from gachaclaus, which seemed broken and yes I used 500 coal and miseltoe 1 at a time.

Pont 2

Thefighting and hostility caused by having only 8 raptor presents drop on PvE servers when the player count was at 30-40 or higher was not what players have come to expect from a game mode that is more about friendships and family and kindness, it caused a whole new wave of bitterness and arguments

3 the absolute rareness of some of the chibis is beyond crazy, nobody on the official island server I play on saw a cherufe or snow owl on that server, the percentage drop rate for them seemed to be way to low for island servers

Edit: would love to see a system where by we can turn a taxidermy into a chibi down the line ;) then we could go further and have a system whereby we can put cryopods in a visualiser and see a hologram projection of that creature, gosh I know if my man Chris still worked there he would be behind this idea ❤️

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Pros: really enjoyed the event and the chibis all around.  The higher breeding and maturation as well as taming and harvesting really helpful 



Cons: maybe there should be a cooldown with opening present so that one person cant take all of them because they have a fast mount and internet.  That happened a lot on our server , although there were such a large amount of presents we were still able to get a good amount when that tribe wasnt on. 



Really enjoy the game and thanks for your hard work !

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I loved the event this year, I think arguably the funniest one to date!

The Raptor/Gacha Claws system I think was perfect, I wouldn't change it.

The Chibi system was a great addition! I'd love to see underwater tamed Chibi's be added. Also, I wish they faced you more or if there was a way to interact with them, like they will do their level up animation.

The map rework was really cool on the Island, I'm hoping you guys decide to add that to other maps on official next year.

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Chibis were fun and it was entertaining to watch tribe leaders show their pve side
2x amazing as always
wasn't colder like the past
no dodorex

Presents had same loot tables as last year, rather boring
Presents also dropped outside of the map on multiple occasions
farming gacha claus was far too time consuming for what it gave(maybe up the loot quality or change up the loot table)
could've used a little more communication on chibi mechanics and lower the max xp needed so purples aren't the only viable way to level them

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Cons (I main on abberation)

- raptor claus dropping gifts outside world border and on the sharp peaks (can’t get off tame and collect, I don’t use climbing picks I’ve insta died too much to mesh protection, enable grapples on abb?)

- doesn’t drop gifts across the entire surface area (in a line like other maps) re spawns several times and drops randomly 


- good event, really enjoyed it


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chibis were great, but like everyone else said, the rares were just a bit too rare...it made the prices for trading them insane. Shapeshifters selling between 2k tek and 75 bucks was wild to see. 

and it made me realize something else...this 2 day  mating timer is unnecessary. 24 hours or less is plenty for cool down between matings. 

And pleassseee stop taking our decorations we earn. Make them so we can pick them up and put them away til the following year.


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Pro: - Chibis and the fact that they stay after event is over

- Island winter theme was beautiful. Would be nice to have such a visual overhaul on all maps. Great work on that!

- 2x boost on everyhting

Cons: - Chibi drop chances are broken like hell (a vault full of Chibis and I have about 20, maybe 30 different types from hundreds of coals and mistletoe; I have an army of moschops, megatherium and daedons, it's ridiculous and really got me hating the system). Out of over 350 chibis, I have 3 rock golem as a rare drop, that's it.

- The quality of loot from Gacha Claus is a joke; I got a ton of stuff Beach-Bobs can find in any drop

- The idea of a Winterwonderland event is great as a concept, BUT ONLY if you can actually play during the event. During the last week ALL servers in my favorites list and ALL my Ark friends lists were completely unstable, constant global disconnects (not only during server saves), 255 ping issues/rubberbanding, server crashes that sometimes lasted most of the day with the accompanying rollbacks. Even Aberration had these problems (it's a first). Filing outage reports did nothing to help, it only got worse every day. We couldn't leave the base, especially after I started losing tames to the bad lag and disconnects. You really need to check your server network. It can't handle more than 20 players WITHOUT an event on any server until serious performance issues occur.

- Decorations get deleted after event. I would like to be able to keep them and pick them up anytime I like and place them again whenever I want.

- XP amounts to level up chibis are also a ridiculous grindfest. The fact that they seem to reset XP from time to time doesn't help.

- On aberration there are at least 2 locations on the Red Obelisk Surface where Gacha Claus drops presents outside of the border.



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The colours, The adorable chibis, the trading and communication it opened up with some of the kinder people. ? (shout out to the person who tried to help me re obtain what I had lost due to a server crash and roll back ❤️ )

Cons: Santa turned players toxic - there was a lot of fighting and arguing over the drops. Some people were running auto loot scripts to take everything
Many drops didn't have a chibi in them, and some of the drop rates on some of them were so incredibly low.

Gacha Crystals - Loot table and drop rate kinda sucked, for the amount of time it took to feed them one by one, the skins were kinda an insult to injury?. I spent at least 10 hours this event processing coal and mistletoe, didn't see a single rock drake.

Santa routes on maps with water were messed up IE: Center, some nights santa wouldn't drop anything and just fly across the ocean.

I was talking with an ally and thought it would be a good idea if you implemented them next time as " Do xyz boss to unlock xyz thing" of course each boss and difficulty unlocking a different set. Make them then craft able with element after completing the boss fights. This would make people work together in a more positive manner to obtain the items in question.  

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It was a fun event but the community in participation was not. 


Suggestion: presents should be lootable by everyone around it with a timer to dissapear, instead of being looted by one person. I would say instead of chibis being in the actual drop, let us recieve a gift box (similar to gacha crystal) from each drop that has a percent to get a chibi or other item. This way everyone can loot the present but still have different chances if they get one or not. It will help the community to get along but still allow for pvp to have their pvp sessions if they wish or not and everyone in PVE to be happy.

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Pros:  I love the environment visuals with the snow on The Island.  I enjoyed chasing down the RaptorClaus presents although (maybe it was just coincidence) the loot seemed pretty low quality.  The decorations are fun to play with and my main flier got to wear a Santa hat to get in the spirit of things.  My son loves the Christmassy music at the intro.  A lot of the Christmas colored creatures were a fun change.  Chibis were an interesting new collectible type activity.  And while not directly related to the event, I was pleased that the update process was improved to avoid downtime for Windows 10 users due to the update.  Nice job guys!

Cons: The character experience loss issues brought on by the Chibis, as well as the issue with their own experience constantly resetting made the Chibis not worth it unfortunately.  And the Chibis kept blocking my view when using a spyglass on a mount.  So I had to keep removing them anyway.  There did seem to be a huge spike in gameplay lag with the event.  And the reintroduction of this infinite whistling bug on Win10 was off-putting as I couldn't do anything too dangerous without the ability to whistle myself.

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PRO: x2 breed, I did alot of good stuff.. colors, new skins, I like winter hats! 

CON: santa drop makes people toxic :| allways need to teach someone that they do bunny hops on drops
santa drops made me use managarmr.. due to server save and lag lost 3 with all gear and loot from santa presents.. reported that bug last year.. no fix. just sad.

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Pros:   The cosmetics were awesome.  The bola skin was great, the sweaters, etc.   The new emotes were good too -- always love those.

Cons:  Holiday decorations still vanished when you ended the event.   That's not cool.  =P   People worked for those.  That's like buying a Christmas tree, decorating it, and then having some dude kick in your front door and steal your tree because -they- think that Christmas is over.   =o

Suggestions going forward:

  • Make the holiday resources non-competitive.   Being forced into PvP, or being forced to fight for nodes from other PvE players, just to get some decorations/skins?   That's not very relaxing or festive at all.   The randomly spawning graveyards was a great example of holiday resource generation done right.
  • Skins should simply be unlocked and selected from a menu, not physical items.  Working your ass off for a holiday sweater, only to lose it to a random death, is needlessly cruel.  Once unlocked, players should just be able to select what skin they want to be visible from the UI.   Prime example:  The bola skin.   Paying electronics for a one-time throw?   How does that make sense?
  • Allow all holiday decorations to stay as long as people want.
  • Don't make the holiday events a huge grind.   People have lots of stuff going on over the holidays, and adding stress by giving people a small window to farm out everything they need doesn't help.  If the hardcore players get everything they want on the first day, that's great.  It means that they have more time to actually enjoy their items, and enjoy time with family.  ?   Nobody should stressed out trying to get the Chibi they want on Christmas day.


Overall, great event!

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From a PVE point of view raptor claus looting needs a rework. Either make something to prevent using macros or either just allow to grab all the content by spaming E.

It was not my case because as soon as I detected a player on a server looting very fast I just got my macro ready too, but I know a lot of players that due to different reasons dont use macros, and a good part of them just pass to do raptor presents after realizing they dont have any chance vs a macro user.

Just E to grab the content of the drop would remove advantages, or if you want to do it more challenging, put a combination of keys like when fishing. Something that cannot be macroed (yes I know there are macros for fishing, but just adding some entropy to the visualization of input letters would defeat that kind of macros).

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Good things was this with the chibis that's somerhing really really cool

But a really bad thing that you guys need to patch i don't know if it was only on abberation but we glitched into foundations everytime i lost my atuff twice because i fell trough the map and my friend got a rock drake stuck in the foumdation from an other player so that's a really bad thing please if possible patch it would be really nice ?

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1) Rates (i would prefer 3x though)
2) Chibis

1) The way the gifts are dropping, with raptor claus, all the gifts were taken by the same players, players that used macros or controller and could open and "take all" from gifts before we even could react to them (so they had many rare chibis and some of us couldn't even get a common one-i am not against the players but on the way the gifts system work).
2) The loot table of the gifts was very limited and we always got the same items/bps.
3) Spent around 1500 coal and 1500 mistletoe on gacha claus (aprox 40-45 hours feeding a gacha) and still missing like 12 chibis........
4) Server crashes, kicking players and lag in general is a constant issue during the events, we can't enjoy the event and instead of having fun we get frustruted.

I would like to see another way to obtain chibis and complete our collection.

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x2 Taming was amazing :) Made everything so much more fun.

x2 maturation was great, giving people the chance to breed the pretty christmas colours we'd been taming.

Liked the level gain aspect of the chibis. Especially that you could continue leveling them after the event was done. 

Liked the length of the event, giving people busy at christmas a chance to play the event too :)


The center is mostly water. For those of us who live there, most santa runs only dropped 2-3 presents. He spends so much time flying over the water, there isn't time for much else. He also had a habit of spawning above the mesh and not dropping anything.

It took a long, long time to feed Gacha Claus all your coal :/ 

The lag was pretty awful :/ Not just a lot of extra people playing, but a lot of additional dinos left out to mature during the event.


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I am playing on PvE.


  • The new chibi feature for sure, it's always good to have new content !
  • The colored dinos, because I love colors.
  • The temporary snowy The_Island.


  • The event broke almost every servers. Causing massive lags, mass kicks or even worse, complete server crashes.
  • Raptor Claus gifts are only for high level players who are riding wyverns and manas. If you have a little ptera, you have no chance.
  • Some people built houses at gifts locations, so the gifts lands inside their small houses and only them can open them.
  • Raptor Claus on Aberration often places gifts out of the playable area, on the other side of the invisible "forcefield".
  • Drop rate of some chibis are really too much low. I opened so many gifts, traded 600+ coals and 600+ mistletoe at Gacha Claus and I only had one rare: the chibi wyvern.

Overall, I liked this event very much for its content, but the servers stability problems ruined a lot of fun for me. I'm saddened to say this, but I am happy that this event is now over.

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