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Bases : theres no way this was intended..

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Bases : theres no way this was intended..

Ive been playing Ark for over 2 years on pvp servers.  I raid and pvp.  I obviously enjoy playing.

But I have to think its not intended to be able to take down bases this easy (yes, even before the cheaters meshing and duped mek rushes etc that further ruined things).

Go to any pvp server, theyre ghost towns.  Everyone knows its not worth building when you know it will be destroyed in less than 48 hours.  All the work and mechanics of S plus and all building abilities are  pointless (on pvp servers*).

It wasnt always this way.  I once had a base that was never fully taken down for over a year (absolutely 0 joke or exaggeration) on Ragnarok.  You used to be able to fly around and see bases everywhere.  That is a thing of the past now.

Is Wildcard aware of this fundamental brokenness?   What are there plans to fix or balance this?  

All one has to do to see its a problem is look at any pvp server.

This is not an opinion,  theres no way this was intended...

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Which is why I made a pvp server without all that extinction meta BS. I am sure Genesis will PVP creep even more. Every subsequent DLC so far has made PVP worse, with extinction really going beyond just a few changes. Probably part of wildcard's plan, if you want to win, you buy the DLCs.

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