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chibi exchange to adult version


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I understand what you are saying, and as long as aren't set on the levels you have listed, as long as there was a process - I would be okay with it from an unofficial standpoint. 

By being set on the levels, I mean as long as you aren't wanting them to truly come out at the 100, 200, and 300+'s. They would have to be, at most, in line with what is available in the game. If the max level creature is 300 - then yes, having a level 5 at 300 makes sense. But if the max is a 150 - having a level 300 would be a little much in my opinion. 

That all said, being able to use the chibi as a blueprint to "clone" or "create" a creature given very specific and hard to find resources, I think would be an interesting way to add an additional use to the chibis. 

Again, not saying this is the best idea for official - but I wouldn't be surprised if a mod shows itself at some point. 

Not that I would then use it, as I play on the xbox network and not Steam. ?

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