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pvp [PC] Ascalon RP PvPvE - 1.5xEXP, 2xH, 3xT, 10xB - Immersive and Engaging

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[PC] Ascalon RP PvPvE - 1.5xEXP, 4xH, 3xT, 10xB - Immersive and Engaging

Ascalon RP PvPvE - Season 6 Now Live! [1/3/2020]

Are you looking for a reliable server for you and your buddies to play on, but can't find the server or community that is right for you? The popular Ascalon RP server is back at it again with a new season of ARK: Survival Evolved! This season there is a huge focus on a unique, immersive, and yet rewarding game-play complete with all new dinos, decor, craftables, end-game content, thriving economy, tiered taming system, RP experiences, events and a few interesting surprises! Whether you join in the festivities, events or quests as a citizen of this strange new ARK, make your way up through the ranks as a Kingdom Soldier, live as a lone wolf survivor, pursue a path of greatness by creating a Legacy and Kingdom of your own, or live in infamy, Ascalon RP has a place for you!

Throughout the course of history, people have been known to mysteriously vanish… On Earth It is believed that these Individuals are abducted by our extraterrestrial creators, experimented on, and then sent to spend the rest of their days in the ARK as reimbursement for their troubles…
The Ark referring to a Tropical Island alien Installation drifting eternally through the void with an Immortality Field surrounding it, preventing its residents from not only aging, but from death itself. Perhaps once upon a time this was a better place …But I can assure you that the Creators abandoned this cage long ago…. It’s safe to say that they up and left after witnessing the atrocities that humans inflict upon each other when we no longer have to worry about the consequences of our actions, morals, or deaths… What seems like a millennium has passed since my arrival, and I’ve seen the deterioration of civilizations, the devolution of humanity, and worst of all….. I’ve seen the inhabitants of this ark become complacent, and treat our situation like it’s just a game….
Times are changing however, and upon seeing newcomers after all of these years.….. Perhaps it’s time we change our ways and put an end to this never ending cycle….

Our Whitelisted Modded Server is looking for like minded people to help create a Roleplaying Community that we can all look forward to adventuring on after a long day of school or work! New to RP? No problem! We're more than happy to help you get started and enjoy the server that we all love! If you're interested in joining our server please comment below, join us in this discord chat https://discord.gg/DCgynXP, or check out our website https://ascalonrp.com/ (website currently in work in progress state since our ARK Haitus) to learn a little bit more about us! We'd like to get a chance to meet you first in order to ensure that we can all get along, and also so we can fill you in on what you have to look forward to!

Season Info:
- 1.5x EXP
- 2x Harvesting
- 3x Taming
- 10x Breeding
- Primitive-esk (No Technology past Smithy)
- Fliers disabled
- Map: Valguero https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100810/Valguero__ARK_Expansion_Map/?curator_clanid=8729288
- Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895034896

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and hope to see you in game soon!

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