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ps4 Manitoba-based Valguero Server

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Our Manitoba-based PS4 Ark Valguero Server is up and running! (Connection details at bottom)

We have an extra PS4 that only has Ark installed on it that is used as a dedicated server.

We have the server set to PvP, which is mainly just for friends to be able to mess with each other. This is not intended to be a hardcore PvP server and bullying will not be tolerated. Anyone abusing offline raid protection will be removed from the server or put back into the stone thatch age.


We run admin-created events decently often. Mega mazes, hidden loot boxes, dinosaur swap-and-shops, arena combat, and more. If you have ideas, let us know. The 10 floor mega maze has been the most popular event so far.

In the next few weeks we will also be adding spawns for non-Valguero dinosaurs such as Griffins.



Update: Griffins and Snow Owls have been seeded into the Overworld.

Basilisks, Rock Drakes, and Reaper Kings & Queens have been seeded into the Underworld.

A trade system has also been implemented for Rock Drakes, as they are still not creating nests and eggs. If you would like a Rock Drake, here is the process:

- Collect the required items (1 Wyvern of any flavour, 1 Deinonychus, and a full set of Hazard Gear) and then make a post here stating you have them.

- An Admin will contact you and meet you in-game.

- The Admin will destroy the Dinosaurs, spawn a tamed Rock Drake, and transfer ownership to you.

Note: The level of the Rock Drake will be the average level of the 2 dinos. (ex. Level 50 Wyvern and Level 100 Deinonychus gives a level 75 Rock Drake)

The cost may seem steep, but the Wyvern area is nowhere near as dangerous as Aberration to steal eggs from, so adding the Deinonychus shows you are able to steal and raise eggs from the Overworld. The Hazard Gear will not be destroyed, but building it shows that you have performed the steps that would have been otherwise required.



Note: Any dinosaurs or items lost due to game bugs will be replaced by an admin. Just take a video with the Share button and let someone know here or in-game. It hasn't happened yet, but game bugs shouldn't ruin the fun.


The complete list of server settings are below. If something is not listed, assume it is set to default. Nothing is too crazy. It still takes work, but nowhere near as much as on a live server.

Generic Server Settings

Difficulty level - 1 Dinos up to 150

Crosshairs Enabled

Friendly Fire Disabled

Show Map Player Location Enabled

Corpse Locator Enabled

Multiple Platform Floors Enabled

Unlimited Respecs Enabled

Cave Building Enabled

Cave Flyer Enabled

Flyer Carry Enabled

Non-Permanent Diseases Only

Floating Damage Text

Supply Crate Loot Quality - 4.0 (up from 1)

Fishing Loot Quality - 6.0 (up from 1)

Fuel Consumption Interval Multiplier - 2.25 (up from 1) Much less fuel required.

Daytime Speed - 0.66 (down from 1) Longer days.

Nighttime Speed - 1.33 (up from 1) Shorter nights.

Structure Resistance - 0.5 (down from 1) Twice as durable.

Spoiling Time - 1.5 (up from 1) Items spoil 50% slower.

Corpse Decomposition Time - 2.0 (up from 1) Corpses stay for 2x longer.

Player Settings

Player Resistance - 0.66 (down from 1) 33% more durable

Player Character Water Drain - 0.5 (down from 1) Thirsty half as often.

Player Character Food Drain - 0.5 (down from 1) Hungry half as often.

Player Character Stamina Drain - 0.5 (down from 1) Run longer, farm longer.

Player Character health Recovery - 5.0 (up from 1) Regenerate health 5x faster.

Player Harvesting Damage - 2.0 (up from 1) Farm twice as fast.


Generic XP - 2.0 (up from 1) 100% more XP

Kill XP - 2.0 (up from 1) 2x the XP for not dying

Harvest XP - 3.0 (up from 1) 3x the XP for Gathering

Craft XP - 4.0 (up from 1) 4x the XP for Crafting (CRAFT)

Special XP - 5.0 (up from 1) Honestly, I have no idea what this is, but I raised it anyway. Because, Special.


Player Stats Per Level (Stats for each point allocated on level up)

Health - 2.5 (up from 1)

Stamina - 2.5 (up from 1)

Oxygen - 2.0 (up from 1)

Food - 2.0 (up from 1)

Water - 2.0 (up from 1)

Weight - 3.0 (up from 1)

Speed - 2.0 (up from 1)

Temp Fort - 1.5 (up from 1)



Harvest Amount - 1.5 (up from 1) Everyone gathers 50% more.

Harvest Health - 1.5 (up from 1) Harvesting gives 50% more.

Resources Respawn Period - 0.66 (down from 1) Resources respawn 33% faster.

No Resource Radius - Players - 0.66 (down from 1) Resources respawn 33% closer to players.

No Resource Radius - Structures - 0.75 (down from 1) Resources respawn 25% closer to structures.

Crop Growth Speed - 6.0 (up from 1) Crops grow 6x faster.

Crop Decay Speed - 6.0 (up from 1) Crops last 6x longer before decaying.

Dinosaur Settings

Dino Harvesting Damage - 6.0 (up from 1) Dinos are powerhouses for gathering.

Dino Character Stamina Drain - 0.33 (down from 1) Dinos run longer, farm longer, kill more, fly more.

Dino Count 1 Not sure what the default was, but max dino count is best.

Dino Character Health Recovery - 2.0 (up from 1) Dinosaurs recover health twice as fast.

Dino Character Food Drain - 0.75 (down from 1) Combined with the change to Taming Speed, it works out to around 11.25x faster taming.

Taming Speed - 15.0 (up from 1) Combined with the change to Dino Food Drain, it works out to around 11.25x faster taming.

Mating Interval - 0.5 (down from 1) Mate twice as often.

Lay Egg Interval - 0.15 (down from 1) Eggs are laid much more often.

Egg Hatch Speed - 15.0 (up from 1) Eggs hatch 15x faster.

Baby Mature Speed - 30.0 (up from 1) Babies mature 30x faster.

Wild Dino Stats Per Level (Stats in the wild)

Everything set to 1.0, except:

Weight - 4.0 (up from 1)

Tamed Dino Stats Per Level (Stats added per bonus level after taming)

Health - 0.33 (up from 0.25)

Stamina - 3.0 (up from 1)

Weight - 2.5 (up from 1)

Speed - 2.0 (up from 1)

Tamed Dino Stats Add Per Level (Stats for each point allocated on level up)

Stamina - 2.5 (up from 1)

Weight - 2.5 (up from 1)


Connection Details

Server Name: MBValguero
Map: Valguero
Game Mode: PvP
Server Password: G
Session Filter: Player Dedicated Arks
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22 hours ago, acetrainerderek said:

Hey man, you still have some openings on this server? My buddy and I have been looking for a PVP server that is not totally hardcore. 

We absolutely do. Right now there are around 10 people total playing on the server and I haven't seen any intentional PvP so far. There have been a few accidental kills from gathering pets and base defenses automatically firing, but its a pretty laid back server.

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23 hours ago, acetrainerderek said:

Hey man, I'm having a hard time finding your server in the lists. I'm in the player dedicated ark list and I can't find MBValguero.

Apologies. We were having some visibility issues with the server. Some people could see it, some couldn't.

It was restarted this afternoon and everyone seems to be able to see it now.

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On 1/28/2020 at 2:52 PM, goblinlandlord said:

hey, my friends and I started playing the server regularly recently but haven't been able to find it this past week or so. would it be possible to be psn friends with the server? in order to join without seeing it in the server list. 

Feel free to send a friend request to TJServer. However, the only time it is accessed is to perform updates or restarts. We will attempt to accept all friend requests every time it is accessed.

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