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this a  little discussion i have for this old event.



mostly for the dinos, the skins looked really cool! and it kinda sucks that there "just in the closet to gather dust" in a sense



it would be cool if 

A: you can somehow unlock the skins


B: they can be roaming in the wild with random colors and stuff like the bionic dinos. and they could have differences in some stats like the Brachy could have more damage and stamina, but less HP. Sytrato could have more HP and speed but slight less weight . and the stigy could have more HP and Damage, but less Stamina 

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6 hours ago, WarpSpasm said:

It would be nice to see them added to the game permanently. I think this should be added to game suggestions.

100% agree 


but maybe one day there could be more dino skins to turn them into other dinos like.


Carno = Ceratosaurus 

Baryox = Suchomimus

parasaur = Corythosarus 

Stego = gigantspinosaurus

Anky = sauropelta

Rex = carcharodontosaurus

Allo = Acrocanthosaurus

Ptera = tropeognathus

Sarco = deinosuchus

Mego = albertosaurus 

Raptor = Linheraptor or albertosaurus 

Mosa = tylosaurus

Megalodon = edestus

Sabbertooth = Cave lion

Mammoth = Mastodon 


so it could add a bit more bio diversity 

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