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Graphics option to disable screen space reflections



Graphics option to disable screen space reflections

We've all been there, walking on the beach and you look out on the ocean only to be blinded by the silver water, or you're walking by a pond only for the water to flawlessly reflect everything on the other side. I get the appeal, but people have been asking for this feature all the way back in 2015. If we had the option to disable reflections not only would the game run smoother on a lot of systems but it would also allow us to appreciate the water textures and possibly even make the game look better (to some people that is).

and I know the team is capable of doing this, here's a quick screenshot I found from early access Atlas

Image result for atlas ocean vs ark ocean

The water looks nice right? Its believable and not blinding

Compare this to Arks' water, this screen shot is not with maxed out graphics but will sill get the point across.

Image result for ark water reflections

What is this? Liquid mirror?

Not only would this feature benefit pc but it could also help the other platforms as well, Im practically begging you guys, this simple graphical optimization could save a lot of player first time experiences, which means more money for you, the developers, because they would love the game and feel inclined to buy your dlc maps.

I love ARK and I have nearly 2000 hours on it on steam, but I feel that this feature is long over due.

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